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"With greater power comes greater responsibility" has been rightly coined by Voltaire Greater the power more will be the responsibilities as the expectations will also be more. In a job or in any field if a person raises up the ladder, his power will be greater and with it the responsibilities lying on his shoulders also will increase. For example Mr. Narendra Modi was before the chief minister of Gujarat, and his responsibilities were confined only to the state of Gujarat, but on becoming the Prime Minister of India his responsibilities also grew and now he needs to look after the people of the entire nation.Thus great responsibility follows inseparably from great power. In the IT industry, initially as a Team member your responsibilities will be less but as you become a Module leader your responsibilities also increased as you need to handle 5-6 team members, indeed you have become more powerful but with it the responsibilities also have followed. And as a Project Leader the entire project responsibility will be on your back.

Some people fear on taking greater responsibilities and these people cannot grow in their life, they remain at the same position (power) throughout their lives. We should have the will power and take up risks so that we can become more powerful and responsible. As we climb up the ladder, people expect more from us and hence our duties and responsibilities will also increase. Some people may take up a higher position, but if they do not meet the expectations they are doomed to come down. When you are in power people monitor each and every move which you make, hence the responsibility to succeed and meet the people's expectation is also more. Be it in Cricket or any other sport, if you are powerful then the expectation from board and people also will be more, and hence you need to be more responsible. Tendulkar was a most powerful and famous cricketer and every time he stepped on the field people's expectation was more and hence he had to play each and every ball with more responsibility as the entire nations hope lay on him. Once you are in power and carry out your responsibilities appropriately and meet the people's expectations then the tag of "FAMOUS", "ALL ROUNDER", "FAVOURITE" will surely shine on you.

Sakshi Malik and P.V. Sindhu earned medals in the Rio Olympics and thus became famous and more powerful, with it their responsibilities also increased, as now they have to satisfy the expectation of million Indians. As a young kid you are more into playing but once you grow older the responsibilities also parallel increases, you need to study, achieve a degree, and after marriage you become more responsible as you need to take care of your family, as you climb higher the ladder of life more will the responsibilities and thus "With greater power comes greater responsibility" has been rightly said.

There are many types of power like,

Physical power

Mental power

Power of oration

Legal power

People in power should have a purpose and they should not misuse their power for anything. But now-a-days majority of politicians are misusing their power for satisfying their own personal greeds. They are not looking after the interests/ wellness of the people and hence they are not in the good books of people. And hence people are losing interest in any government which is coming to power these days. The power or authority when responsibly executed is always respected and upheld and our politicians should carry out their responsibilities correctly in order to earn the respect of people.

Also in Bible it says "From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked" , so this has been relevant from ancient days itself and now-a-days it is famous as

"With greater power comes greater responsibility".

-K.P. Nagasaritha

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