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Responsibility implies a sense of duty of a person towards somebody or something. Like a student's responsibility towards his studies, a labourer's duty towards his work, a doctor's responsibility towards his patient, a soldier's duty towards his motherland etc. Responsibility comes to an individual when he becomes matured and grown up. Small kids lack this capacity and are hence taken care of by their parents.

It is aptly said that with greater power comes greater responsibility. Let us take the case of a local MLA, who has limited powers and hence limited responsibilities. He has smaller area to look after and lesser number of workers under him. But when he is elected as the minister of a portfolio, then with increase in power there is an increase in the responsibilities he has to execute. He has a bigger area to look after and a large number of workers under him. Similarly a bureaucrat working at the district office has fewer responsibilities compared to those working at the state or central secretariats.

Apart from real life examples, we have many historical paradigms that prove this fact. Let us take a look at the life of our first Prime Minister, Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru. He was born in a family that was truly devoted to the cause of Swaraj and liberating India from the clutches of foreign rule. His father, Motilal Nehru was an outstanding barrister, who along with C.R. Das led a strong demand for Home Rule. Naturally he was also filled with nationalist thoughts and decided to fight for freedom. As a young nationalist, Pt. Nehru worked under the guidance of Mahatma Gandhi to achieve localized goals. When on 15th August, 1947, our nation gained independence and he was elected as the first Prime Minister; he had a large country with crores of people, looking upon him to be led through the turbulent ocean of time on the path of development and prosperity. From an ambitious youth to the first prime minister of India, Pt. Nehru is a perfect example.

It is true that with greater responsibilities but ironically it is often followed with greater ego & selfishness. People, who are established at higher echelons of power, use it to satisfy their selfish motives instead of working for the people. They seek false glory by such methods. They think that by such selfish works they will be more wealthy & powerful and thus will gain more name & fame but they are wrong. They fall the prey to their own ego and end up with ill-reputation, ill-fame and impoverishment. Persons like Hitler, Mussolini, and Qaddafi were once symbols of power but at last ended up by dying in the most disgraceful manner.

Moreover it is also seen that who gain power, often forget their responsibilities and don't pay any attention to the problems they had promised to solve. This complacent attitude would decrease their popularity and the masses would doubt his credibility and gradually withdraw trust from upon him. Hence it is very much necessary that people who attain power should realize the purpose of coming to such positions.

Those who gain power and simultaneously execute their vows and remember their responsibilities are immortalized in the memories of people even while they are surviving. Philanthropists like Bill Gates, Azim H Premji, and Mark Zuckerberg are to name a few amongst them.

Thus it is obvious that with greater power come greater responsibilities but at the same time it is utterly necessary for those persons to comprehend the significance of the position they are bestowed with and utilize it in a way that would benefit the society and the nation at large.

-Suman Saurav Jena

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