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Since the advent of human civilization when humans started living in groups, the need to find suitable members was realized who can lead the masses for benefit of the whole group. Without a leadership it was found that the motive of any group is without any direction, the society is ever since divided into two major sub-groups i.e followers and leaders.

A leader is usually having prominent qualities like physical strength, social acceptance, intellect and effective oration abilities. Even the nature teaches the "survival of the fittest" and thus the followers who are usually less powerful and lack the outstanding qualities have their hopes in these potent and influential members for their progress and even basic survival.

These prominent figures of any group whether humans or animals have the advantage of making important decisions that gravely affect the followers. They enjoy the benefit of having things done as per their standards and thought process. But since it directly affects the masses who are indirectly the reason for the power enjoyed by the leaders, their decisions also affect their recognition in the opinions of the crowd. If the followers are convinced that the leaders they have chosen is competitive enough to stimulate their socio economical growth then only the leader can enjoy the benefits of power. And to keep the masses convinced of this idea, is a very complex job. A thousand minds can have a thousand opinions and to convince them all is a tedious work only a truly efficient leader can perform. So it's a great responsibility that lies with a leader to keep the spirits high of the members and keep them convinced that the leader is spirited to work for them. This confidence in the members can sustain only by actual end results and actions. A leader may have a sound mind and passion but its of no use if its not utilized in rights action at the right moment. On the contrary a leader who does not understands this responsibility and is short sighted does not lasts for long. He not just loses his own personal growth also society witnesses a great loss in terms of economy and in its spirit of progress. This spirit or confidence or faith is difficult to establish and thus understanding of responsibilities by a leader is very crucial.

History gives us numerous examples when the whole kingdoms turned into ashes because of just one wrong decision taken by their leader. Or when the leaders were incompetent and thus foreign rulers took over and ruined the existence of a community or even a whole civilization. When they did not realized their responsibilities towards the whole community and took decision stirred by personal emotions like greed, ego, anger, revenge etc which soon enough resulted into fall of themselves and left people in devastation and bewildered with no sense of life and compassion.

In the modern world the social order is setup into governments and countries and groups and associations of these countries who work in welfare of all and take important decisions that affect not only humans but also all the species on earth and nature as well. Thus a leader who works at a lower level has a limited scope of work and thus has a lesser impact of his actions compared to international organizations like UN and International Banks and agencies who frame policies and strategies which affect the whole path of human development.

How crucial is the decision making process and role of responsible decisions can clearly be seen giving examples of two countries such as India and Pakistan. Indian leadership after freedom has been competent and responsible thus India has been enjoying continuous growth and is on the verge of becoming a great economy. On the other hand leadership in Pakistan has been irresponsible towards its people and thus are far below in Human Development Index. One more important instance is Japan which after WW II took a complete different path and is one of the most technologically sound state. It is just because of the difference in the motives of their leaders before and after the war. Thus to sustain and progress it's very important to understand the responsibilities that come with power.

-Amit Sharma

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