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Every human being aspires for power. Everyone wants to reach a point where he/she could wield power. However, the irony is that power does not come alone. She has a very dear friend named 'responsibility' which always follows her. Whether it be the famous 'Mahatma Gandhi' or notorious 'Osama bin Laden', every person who got power also got responsibilities. Mahatma Gandhi had the power of leadership. On his one call people used to come out of their homes in streets for agitation and on one call entire movement used to stop as happened in case of Non Cooperation Movement. At the same time, he also had responsibilities of all those who were following him. Talking of the criminal Osama bin Laden, he had powers but also the responsibility to keep his terrorist group going on. There's no comparison of Mahatma Gandhi and Osama bin Laden, but to get a better picture of how power and responsibility are directly related to each other one needs to see this relationship everywhere, in positive as well as negative areas.

When the troops march, the commander has the power to direct troops to attack or to defend. Also, the commander is responsible for the lives of all his troops. Even injury to one soldier is regarded as fault of commander. This again proves the relation between the two. The one who couldn't control power becomes irresponsible and above it, irrational and inhumane. Thereafter the saying 'Power corrupts' gains importance. One needs to be responsible at every step of life, though responsibilities changes with time. When a child is born, he/she has no responsibility and certainly no power. When child goes to college, some power comes as parents realized that child is mature and can take some decisions, even government declares child mature! Hence, responsibility to take care of him/her increases. After marriage, power increases further and responsibility of spouse and children's well-being comes. Throughout one's life a person is always under responsibilities. With old age power keeps on decreasing and with it responsibilities also changes hands.

When Adam and Eve first came on this earth, they were no better than any other living creature, be it plants or animals but almighty have gifted humans with brain. Hence, as centuries unfold themselves, humans keep on developing. Today, we wield so much power that we can do anything, everything. But with power humans also got many responsibilities. Humans have the responsibility of all threatened flora and fauna, of climate, of biodiversity, of ozone layer, of pollution, of poverty, of other fellow beings, etc. Thus, as power keeps on increasing so as the responsibilities. Now, even responsibility of outer space is increasing as humans are eliminating more and more waste there. The crux of the matter is that more the power, more the responsibilities.

Power is a necessity, without power one cannot lead a very good life but at the same time one must also realise that once power is acquired, responsibility is automatically adopted. One must be completely honest and practical towards one's responsibilities. If saying 'Power corrupts' can be true, then 'Power makes history' can also be true. One can imbibe oneself in the hearts of all by being a person who exercises the powers in most positive way. Being remembered in history does not mean being in history books, as it's a practical fact that everyone can't be President, Prime Minister, Great Scientist, Great Environmentalist, Business Tycoon, Great Bureaucrat, etc. The person who completes his/her day to day objectives honestly; the person who is in a lower post but works all his/her responsibilities successfully; such a person is remembered for good in the hearts of those whom he/she worked with or those who met him/her. Thus, it's not necessary to have great financial, political or social power to do something. If everyone to the best of their capabilities works their responsibilities, we will realise that the entire world is changing. We all need to play our part, doesn't matter how small or large. Once this is done, we will see not only our society or our nation in the path of progress but the entire human race moving towards a path of Stability, Love, Peace and Prosperity.


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