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Law Optional for UPSC

Here are some help tools for tackling Law in the UPSC exams, ranging from the syllabus to reading list and other tips. These resources on Law also include IAS Question Papers of Law. We wish you to adopt the best strategy and become successful. We try our best to provide as many resources for your preparation as possible.

Why is UPSC law optional is a good choice of optional?

UPSC is a competitive exam and scoring well is of utmost importance. Most students are at the same level of prepration as regards the compulsory papers, it is at the optional paper lever where a lot of differences arise. Getting high scores in the optional subject and later the personality test, matters in terms of ranking high in the final merit list determining the allotment of the service.
Following are the reasons why Law is a good optional as per experts.

  • Relatively Small Size of Syllabus
  • Better Scoring than other popular subjects
  • High Success Ratio
  • Large portions overlapping with General Studies Paper
  • Law Paper requires precise use of language, which helps in answering compulsory subjects too where word limits are given.

Please download a detailed analysis of above points.