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Law Books for IAS

We have compiled for you a list of IAS books for Law to help you in your prepration for the IAS and other services under the UPSC. so it helps to know the best reference books for the ias exam.

    Topicwise Listing of Suggested Law Books

  1. Books on Indian Penal Code
    -- Atchuthen Pillai
    -- Ratanlal Dhiraj Lal Buy Now
  2. Books on Law of Tort
    -- Atchuthen Pillai
    -- R.K. Bangia Buy Now
    -- Winfield

  3. Books on Constitutional Law
    -- V.N. Shukla Buy Now
    -- S.K. Kapoor Buy Now
    -- J.N. Pandey Buy Now

  4. Books on Merchantile Law
    -- Sukla Buy Now
    -- R.K. Bangia Buy Now
    -- Avatar Singh Buy Now
    -- Pollack and Mulla Buy Now

  5. Books on Jurisprudence
    -- P.K. Tripathi Buy Now
    -- Dias Buy Now
  6. -- Avatar Singh Buy Now