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Characteristics of the group

For a group there should be two or more persons. Man cannot do things himself for the realization of his wishes he needs co-operation and help from others which leads to the formation of groups. There should be reciprocal activity in it and there should be a give and take attitude. Each individual should follow the rules & norms of the group. This is a voluntary action and any individual can enter and leave a group when he pleases. When small a child has relationship with family then neighborhood, village, countries etc social goals is a must for group and this goal must be for the good of society and not against the society such groups are not social groups but anti-social group. Every individual works for the others in the group. For group there should be we feeling and a feeling of integrity (unity). The group not only consists of the physical aggregation but also of mutual agreement etc.

  1. For a group there is necessity of two or more people. It cannot be formed if there is one person because one man cannot fulfill his aims or desires. So there must be more than one person.
  2. It is reciprocal " group satisfies our wants give and take relationship".
  3. Voluntary or organization " Nature & necessity impels man to live in society ".
  4. Social goals , Goals for the society, it won't be against the group people will work for the welfare of society. There must be some goals which has to be fulfilled.
  5. Sense of the feeling for a group there must be sense of unit. If we feeling is not there then the group members will clash among themselves.
  6. Norms & Regulations-They must follow the norms and regulations of the group. He won't be allowed to stay in the group if he fails to follow the norms and regulations of the group.
  7. If not only consists of physical aggregation but also of mutual agreements etc. (mutual awareness).

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