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Social Groups

What is Group? It is a collection and a number of the units. Then social group is the collection of individuals with common interest binding them. Group is important for human beings to exist because no man can live in isolation. Man by nature is social and he has certain needs for which he joins groups. He is not only a member of one but many groups to fulfill his different wants or needs. There should be mutual awareness too without which common interest alone cannot form a social group. The society relationship of man is very wide.

"Society is a web of social relationship". - Mac Iver

In family itself there are 15 types of social relationship as said by a psychologist. In society there is both co-operation and conflict & both area important for group and some society. The group should have some likeness and they should have a social goal for the good of societies.

Animals too live in group but they do not learn it, but it is inborn in them but man learns to forms groups so as to fulfill his desires.

Difference in society is a must because there would be not society without it. A man co-operates and only then can a group be formed. This can be direct or indirect. The mutual awareness too can be direct or indirect. Conflict too is important. If everyone was to co-operate then there would be no society.

  1. Definitions of Group
  2. Characteristics of the Group
  3. Classification of Social Group
  4. Reference Group

Questions on Group

  1. What is group? Classify groups according to various sociologists?
  2. What do you mean by social group. Describe summer's classification of social group?
  3. Define group? Describe Coole's classification of social group
  4. What do you understand by reference group? How it affects the personality of the individual.