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Definitions of Group

According to Mac Iver & Page – "By group we mean any collection of human beings who are brought into social relationship with one another.

Elliot & Merril – "The social group may be defined as two or more persons who are in combination over one applicable period of time and who act in accordance with a common function or purpose.

Ogburn & Nimkoff – 'Whenever two or more individual come together and influence one another, they may said to constitute a social group'.

Bogardus – "A social group may be thought of as a number of persons, two or more, who have some common objects of attention, who are stimulating to each other, who have common loyalty and participate in similar activities.

Bennet & Tumim – "A group is a number of people is definable and persisting interaction directed towards common goal and using agreed upon means".

Biersteadt – Social groups are those in which people actually associate with one another and have social relationships with one another.

Elridge & Merril – "A social group may be defined as 2 or more persons who are in communication over an appreciable period of time and act in accordance with common function or purpose".

Sheriff & Sheriff - "A group is social unit which consists of a number of individuals, whose stand in (more or less) definite status and role relationship to one another & posses a set of values or nouns of its own regulating the behavior of the individual member at least in matter of consequences of the group".

R.M. Williams – "A social group is a given aggregate of people, playing interrelated roles & recognized by themselves or others as a unit of interaction".

Edward Sapir – "Any group is constituted by this fact that there is some interest which holds in, members together. The essence of social group is not physical closeness but a consciousness of joint – interaction".

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