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Education without values, is useful or a complete waste.

Education is value – based. The question is which value, is useful, or waste. There is an age for all programmes. All the spiritual books mention these aspects. The aspects are monetary or hidden economy or parallel concepts. In 1984-86, there was no computer or management books in schools or in any syllabus. There is not a management book so-called motivational in nature and job-oriented in pursuit of school-value at the time. Today some of the schools are socially uplifted as +2 schools. Even our tutorial colleges have more humanitarian outlook than regular schools. Education at the grassroots needs a complete change. Human beings have a value. The value cannot be estimated in the public or job market.

From 1947, our education as a system lacked values .The traditional pattern is no more. Education to all is still a dream. The vision of our leaders is to extend the dream of universal education to the needy and praiseworthy. Some of our ambitions are expressed in cinemas and entertainment & leisure to wake up our passions. The passion behind education is enlightened. Education is the manifestation of the student and the incitement of our souls. Some of our blackboards are written with bad words. Our vocabulary is indeed perfect. The Question of complete waste does not occur. The spiritual leaders of India, including swami Vivekananda, pinpointed education as a total upliftment of society. Wake up and shine for India is a slogan to tolerate the student mind. The mind during school ages is like a river. The river is absolutely more and great than the start or evolution. Come and share the passion in schools.

There is evil in the world. Evil is diffused and wide –spread. Value –based education is student –based. Teacher is only a mentor or guru .The total waste can be restored and liberated using reunion and sangamam of values. Some of the books that inspired me a lot is the autobiographies. Learning took place in mind.

Student –aid and peripherals are needed to clarify the mind of kids. There is abacus. There is vedic mathematics. There are NCC and NSS. There are school projects. Talents are evaluated on training. Character certificate or tolerative certificate can be issued from schools. If the student is noble, then the total loss is avoided. If the student is able, then the achievement has monetary considerations. Education has nobility that can be socially analysed. What public says is far more important. The mismatch between, skills & orientation is institutionalised. Excellence is rated, star –wise, and participant -wise by the judge and not by the student. Some of our students are teachers also. We study life and soft skills in roads and streets. The extra –curricular job in schools impart disciplines in school students. The huge pain of education & the dreams of our life are attained, in advances. Some of the Incidents in school life are painful, but eradicate the evil and considerations in the future. We must not consider others considerations. Education is totally Liberative. Our future is restored in the Gods will. The ambition, My school, My teacher, My headmaster is tolerated using character formation. Today is ours. Tomorrow is convergent on a dream or vision. Yesterday is a myth. New –generation and well-wishers are looking for a radical change. For a better tomorrow –always remember the slogan-Yesterday is mine, today is ours, and tomorrow is common.

- Abraham Johnson Anchaniyil

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