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Education without values, is useful or a complete waste.

Education is a process of facilitating learning, or the acquisition of Knowledge, Skills, Values, Beliefs, and Habits which are essential parts in leading a proper life. Acquiring knowledge means knowing how things are going on, Why, Where, When, In What Way and so on. Acquiring Skills means gain the procedure or way to perform a particular activity or thing. Acquiring values means know what type of conduct or end state of existence is preferred socially or personally by others with whom we interact. Beliefs means a practice to follow on with other people i.e. in what way things are going on, will go, and would lead to and adopting the same in ones actions. Habits are the things that usually developed based on ones’ interest that means an act of doing a particular activity regularly.

According to me Education means betterment of life through learning step by step on the areas of ones’ own interest. If we question ourselves “Why people need education?” we could easily find this answer more relevant. Betterment means enhancement or improvement or doing things more properly, systematically and so on. Thus Education makes oneself to lead a perfect life. Here we also need to know the types of education. Basically there are two types of education one is formal education and the other is informal education. Formal education means the regular studies right from the school to college level i.e. from primary education to higher educations. Informal education means studying privately on self interest without any regular connection with any institute. This could happen by purchasing books, reading newspaper, magazines, watching Television, listening radio and today surfing internet and browsing topics based on their self interest and learning more and more to gain deeper knowledge on ones selected areas.

As we all know that Man is a social animal he has to live with others and so he has to know the values to lead a better life. Education without values cannot be useful at all because anyone has to live a life that is acceptable by others. If we consider the term ‘values’ it means that “values are ones’ end state of existence or mode of living being acceptable or preferable by others’ end state of existence or code of conduct”. Right from the home to work every person need to possess values. Education is one such activity where people used to know the values in different aspects of life. For instance at home a person should know how to behave with parents, brothers, sisters, cousins, grand parents, uncles, aunts, neighbours, friends, relatives and others who ever approaches their family regularly. In the same way at work one should also learn how to behave with ones’ superior, subordinates, peers and others who ever approaches them as a part of their work.

If a person’s education never provides them with the way to behave with others it cannot be called as education at all. And also it could lead to different negative consequences. So such type of education will lead to diminishing or degrading of the person, education system, that region or state as well as the nation at large. Whether in a formal process of education or informal process of education one should know how to lead a valuable life in three major phases as follows:

  1. Know the meaning of education first and then think of their interested areas and start their process of learning in order to become a role model.
  2. After choosing their concerned area of interest they should also know more on values i.e. at the end what they want to become for that they should be clear with their terminal values and
  3. To achieve their ultimate objective they should also know what type of character they must possess means more on instrumental values.

Thus the people who lead a valuable life will become the role models in their concerned areas of interest like the Nobel prize winner Amartya Sen in Economic Sciences, the Indian Jurist, Economist, Politician and Social Reformer Dr. B.R.Ambedkar, Freedom fighter Mahatma Gandhi, Social servant Mother Teresa, Cricket player Sachin Tendulkar, Singer Latha Mangeshkar and so on. So, I strongly opine that Education without values is not at all useful and could also say that it is merely waste.

- M.B.Suvarchala

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