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Education without values, is useful or a complete waste.

Of all the creations of God, human beings have been separated or distinguished from other creations due to his trait of rationality. Rationality which helps him to distinguish between evil and good, sane and insane and in distinguishing various good things from the bad ones. What can add a feather to his rationality, is, his being educated. At the same time, education in this sense means that pinnacle of life in us which promotes sanity all around. In this sense education could not be promoted by only teaching the three R’s namely reading, writing and arithmetic in the life of human beings.

Now the question arises, whether the education that we most human beings receive has been able to promote those ideals which can enrich our body, mind and soul. I think the mess which our world has become today is a direct corollary to our education system. This is due to the fact that, what we world being learn via education is reflected by the way we act with our fellow beings in general and the whole world at large. The world today is engulfed by a feeling of hatred, intolerance and in short it has become to a large extent in serene. If we ponder, what ails our education system in such a scenario, the answer seems to be that, education has not been able to promote those values which can truly make the humans of the world truly humane in the true sense of the term. All in all, education promoted by the various countries of the world has produced a class of people who are self-centric without any fellow-feeling to a large extent. In short, education today in this globe has become devoid of values making it useless or a completely waste.

If our education has become devoid of values, then, what is the way to enrich it with values thereby making it value –based. The first step in this direction is to promote such education in the present world, which is full of intolerance, is to promote a sense of compassion which brings tears to the eyes of the world being on seeing a downtrodden, destitute and a person in need of help. At the same time, such help-seeker should also have that feeling in him that we should not become a parasite for the person who is lending their hand in help. Secondly, if we look around ourselves as a world being we find that as preached by Gautam Buddha the world today has become a place where the whole world has become full of sufferings and the root cause of all these sufferings is desire. Desires which are out of bounds and out of reach via a person’s means of achieving it. Thus the world has to a large extent become diabolic due to lack of coherence between means and ends. Thirdly, education due to its being devoid of values , we the world being seems to become a self-annihilator then a creator, as far as environment and ecology is concerned .We world being due to our continuous meddling with nature has created such a situation because of our insatiable lust for money, wealth and luxury that we have annihilated many endangered species of this world and if our continuous process of ecological imbalance continues the day is not far when we human beings will annihilate ourselves.

Thus while discussing whether education without values is useful or a complete waste, we can conclude that, if our goal is to create a better world for the next generation we need such an education which enriches our body, mind and the soul. In such a scenario, education that we get should not be the means of only earning something to eat, drink and merry but on the contrary is something which Greek Philosopher Socrates called ‘food for the soul’. Education devoid of values is like a ship without radar. It can take us to anywhere even to a journey of self-destruction thereby making it fatal in life for the world being.

To sum up, on value based education’s usefulness, I would like to sum up by saying that don’t allow anyone to fall from the path of righteousness ,thereby following the path of righteousness yourself. That will be the greatest value of our value based education. In this endeavour, the coherence between the teacher and the taught is pivotal. The teacher should preach what he practices and should only practice what he preaches. All these in the long run will make the world tolerant, compassionate and laden with values which will make this world a better place to live in, in the true sense of the term.

- Jnandeep Bora

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