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Is the growing level of competition good for the youth?

The development of the nation mainly depends on its youth population. Nowadays, there is a cut throat competition prevails for the youth in all walks of life. Competition is the latest buzzword of the society and survival of the fittest has become mandatory among the youth. Life of the youth is not at all the bed of roses and he encounters competition in all aspects of life. Starting from college admission, the Competition starts and keeps him busy till he retires from his job. Competition helps to get the optimum effort from the youth. Now, the youth yearns for the stronger shoulders rather than lighter loads.

Gone are the days, where the youth felt to be in a safer zone once got registered his name in the employment office. Present scenario is totally upside down, even for a clerical post the youth has to surpass prelims, mains and interviews. It is not weird to read in the daily newspaper that 3lakh applicant applied for 03 vacancies. Along with academic studies, the youth needs to burn the midnight oil to prepare for competitive exams. So thereby the aptitude of the youth gets enhanced and would perform his duties meticulously once get selected. Competition is required to bring out the best of the brain among the youth.

By and large, competition helps the youth involved in the business field to foster his products. Thanks to globalization, our youth got an opportunity to compete with his counterpart of other nations. Even an established and renowned organization suddenly stumbles and even occupies the backseat if it loses the spirit of competition. Only through competition we can get the standard of products and best of the technology. What is new in technology at present turns to be old within a short span due to competition. Competition is required as it helps to promote technology in a fast track.

In sports field, competition plays a vital role to bring out the indomitable spirit of the players. Every day new records are made in a splendid way almost in every game. Once the records which felt to be unbeatable turns to be achievable only due to the competition among the players. Competition is the only impetus to make the players to achieve the dizzy heights of success in their respective games. Competition helps to nurture the best of the talent among the youth especially in art and craft. There are number of competition like Singing, Dancing, Acting etc held at district to national level to show their performance. Competition is the only ray of hope for the youth to develop themselves and to cherish their dreams.

Every coin has two sides like that competition among the youth has adverse effect also. Many youth lose their hope once they could not achieve their dreams. Sometimes they follow the wrong formula of hook or crook to overcome the pressure of competition. Those who could not compete take extreme step by committing suicides. The competitions sometimes create enmity among the youth. Youth hardly finds time to stand and stare in this competitive world. They feel frustrated as it is difficult to cope with the tightrope walk of competition.

So the need of the hour is a healthy competition among the youth. It is worth mentioning that the competition should be in a productive manner. Parental guidance is utmost important and should make their wards understand the difference between competition and jealousy. As we know the smooth sea never made a skillful mariner. So ultimately, competition among the youth is required to make him as a talented and skillful person. The youth should also realize the purpose of competition and should master the different trades to succeed in their desired field.


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