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Is the growing level of competition good for the youth?

Competition, an occasion on which a winner is selected among two or more contestants. Yes, of course, we do need these competitions. After all, this is the sole way by which we get the best among the good ones. Competition pushes one to his/her limits and inspires to do the best.

And youth, which stage of life when one fights for his name, competition is not at all a bad idea. They just want to get ahead of everyone and at this stage, the race for study and a good career is but obvious. From school to college, we always have to compete, sometimes for sitting on the first seat and exams for the others and this habit of competing continuous.

OK! Just imagine a life without adventures, I mean without any competitors, without inspiration. We would just do our own job and none is there to compare with, then why would we care for the betterment or why would anyone bother to improve. And most important thing is that if there would not be any competitors, there won't remain any hope for the betterment of the future. And thus, progress freezes.

Well, this was just a general view. Now, considering today's scenario. Yeah, hectic schedules, heavy syllabus and all the more pressure to lead the way are all the factors which push one towards his limits and hence, competitions are important.

As we know, every next generation is smarter than the previous one, so, as the level of intelligence increases there must come new opportunities, new challenges and hence new but higher goals. Students do study for their own sake and of course for their career as well, but competition is the source which inspires them to get ahead of others or we can say it develops some sort of greed to acquire more. Although this may also discourage some students as it's not everyone who can handle such kind of pressure. And sometimes it's good to be greedy unless your desires harm others. I mean that it is good to work hard for your success but it's wrong to pull others down. As sometimes this greed becomes so strong that youngsters opt illegal means which are wrong. They even buy and sell exam papers without thinking of the further consequences which are really really scandalous. As a coin has two faces, this aspect has two sides as well.

Competitions may be good at some levels but they also develop a sense of jealousy. And an infuriated man can do nothing but the wrong deeds only. So we can say that the growing level of competitions do have a bad impact on one's life, but again, these tests & exams are a part and parcel of life. We cannot completely get rid of them. Moreover, we cannot choose anyone without any evaluation test. Every personality is here to serve a different purpose and in order to allot them their right duties we will have to examine their abilities, which isn't possible without exams.

So, the competitions are very important and we need to enhance the level of competitions in order to separate cream out of the milk. What needs improvement is the system by which these competitive exams are being held. And of course the study material, the syllabus also needs a re-evaluation so that the shortcomings could be overcome. We need a lot many improvements so that the pressure on student's mind could be reduced. We need to take steps but in the right direction and that too under proper guidance.

Hence, the need of the hour is that the students need to understand that the competitions are to be taken in a positive way. Students should have sportsman spirit. They must compete but shouldn't take their failure in a negative way. After all, failure is the proof that we are trying. So I conclude that everything has some good and bad aspects, it's all about our point of view.

Harmandeep Kaur

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