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Is the growing level of competition good for the youth?

Some people believe that competition is universal phenomena; according to Charles Darwin's theory in ecology also only those species of animals and plants only survive who could successfully compete with other species of animal and plants. In this competition by help of its intelligence and anatomy humankind overtook other species of animals as well as to the some extend humankind began to dominate and exploit other animal. By this way humankind established their own civilization.

If we analyze the history of human civilization in the perspective of competitiveness. Tendency to established hierarchies is visible but intense competition among humankind is not evident until commercial revolution. In my view with the commercial revolution the era of intense competition has begun in history of humankind.

Commercial revolution: It means rapid expansion of trade and commerce across globe. Actually when European faced the crusade war at that time European get the exposure of world's wealth. Because of this kind of exposure European felt the need of expansion of commercial activities. In the mid of 13th century they started to explore the possibilities of expansion of trade and till end of 16th century's they able to expand their commercial activity across the globe. Actually for worldwide expansion of trade and commerce traders require technical and financial support and they receive that support from political authority. Because political master also realize that only trader can brought wealth. Traders are doing their business by help of state finance means of political masters money is invested in their business so they had to earn the profit. Because of this kind of pressure they begin to compete with each other.

Era of colonization: Between the period 13th and 16th of century new navigation devices, as well as weapons were invented by European. By help of these modern navigation devices and weapon Europeans begin dominate the sea trade. In the 17th century because of their technical superiority on sea no one can challenge Europeans hegemony. They has to compete among them self only so they believe they can rule the world and Asian and African were unable to resist European dominance . That's why they easily establish their direct rule on some countries as well as in some countries they establish their colonies. Historian referred these phenomena as colonization. Actually through colonization European enhanced their trade and commerce on large scale because they exploit their colonies severely for their own commercial benefit. Especially in 19th century European follow the policy of importing raw material at cheap cost and exporting finish goods at higher cost. Because of this commercial advantage only industrialization get boosted in Europe. Till the mid of 19th century no one able to challenge them they has fought and compete among them self only. If we look in to the Indian history we can say that Indian resistance began from mid of 19th century though initially they suffer losses but they make British struggle a lot to defeat Indian. But in 20th century Indian successfully confront with British in-fact India is only country who foil the attempt of financial exploitations made by colonial master by producing finished goods indigenously.

Aspiration of countries Redevelopment: After successfully confronting with British India got freedom in 1947 Actually the first pry minister of independent India is fascinated by ideas of communism or socialism. That's why he made policy which are intended to redistribution of wealth that means government is going to control all the financial activity because of this kind control growth of industry and commerce get restrained. Because of this suppression Indian industry cannot grow till second hap of 80s decade.

Era of liberalization and globalization: Actually before second hap 80th decade regime except few big manufacturing unit all the major industries are owned and controlled by government. That means financial and administrative control of these industries is get concentrated in the hand of political leaders and they exploited these industries for their own personal and political benefit . Because of this kind of exploitation these industries became sick. But Rajiv Gandhi realized that for countries economic development industrialization is essential and industrialization cannot boost without encouraging private industries.

But actually India implemented the policy of globalization in real manner from 1991 because of that times financial crises India force adapt the policy of globalization and liberalization. Earlier Indian corporate sector and people fear that Indian market may get flooded by foreign made goods but this fear has proven wrong. Actually Indian industries are technically not that much lagging behind from developed countries industries as well as Indian government used various safeguards for protecting domestic industries. and most important fact is that because of financial gap it is not feasible for foreign industries to export goods in large numbers.

That means Indian corporate sector has not face any intense competition. All their claims of competition are completely falls that means instead of competition showiness is growing.

In my view instead of competing others with should compete with our self. While competing with others complexities can be developed if we lagging behind from others then inferiority complex will develop and if we are in leading position then superiority complex will develop. And psychologist says both this complex are harmful psychological health as well as various social political problems may arise out of these complexes

Santosh Kamble

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