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Is the growing level of competition good for the youth?

Competition tests the dedication, perseverance and intelligence of a person. Competition takes a person to limits and brings the best out of him/her. Competition is a universal truth which exists everywhere. It's not only confined to books but from time immemorial every creature is competing. Charles Darwin said 'The survival of the fittest'; only the one who is able to compete can be deemed fit and can survive. The mightiest creature on planet Earth, Dinosaurs couldn't survive because they failed to compete with changing nature. In garden, sometimes we witness that the place where flowers were planted, the weeds grows too. This happens because weeds and flowers compete with each other and the better one survives. When flowers are aided with fertilisers, then they grow profusely. This teaches us that competition is something which is present everywhere and while competing some external help is also sometimes required which can be in the form of coach, teachers or parents.

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Youth in India is someone who is between 15 to 29 years of age. A youth is energetic, enthusiastic, creative and visionary. Youths are the future of every country. Youths are in the age when they learn new things, acquire experiences, put forward new ideas and bring new vision of new generation. Now the great question is- Should competition be allowed among youths or Is the growing level of competition good for a youth? Difficult question. Both the sides of coin must be analysed before jumping into conclusions.

If youth's energy is put in good areas, they can produce marvels and the opposite is also true! All the recruitments in any department begin from young age and everyone wants to have youths with them, whether they are multinational companies, government organisations, political parties or even the terrorists. Why? Because youths are like wet clay, they can be moulded in any shape. They can be turned into angels or devils. So, when competition increases- some wins and others couldn't. There are many who tries and tries but couldn't get desired results. Many a times because of successive failures youths get into depression. So, do we want our future to be in depression? If no, then it can be surmised that growing competition is not good for youths. However, like the wheel of dharma, wheel of development and progress can move only when people come up with new ideas, make new inventions. If a person does not face competition, gets everything in hand then how can his/her mental ability develops. People does hard work only because they know that life is not full of roses; competition is like walking on fire. Every year competition is increasing and every year witnesses better competitors. Competition has turned the youths into quality producers. Thus, the growing level of competition is good for a youth.

Thus competition has both pros and cons. But the major thing is what scores over the other- pros or cons. Only because competition puts some children under depression, Is it right to apply brakes in competition? No, afterall every good thing has some disadvantages too. For example, water gives life but sometimes takes also. Aeroplanes reduce time of journey but are not resistant to fatal accidents. Fire is the greatest discovery of man but it also causes destruction. Hence, competition is necessary but has some minor side effects also. The onus is on the parents and teachers to keep the spirits of youth always high. Parents and teachers should continuously inspire the youths. The youths should not be turned into machines but into humans. They should be taught that the success in a particular field or exam is not ultimate goal, one need to be a good human first. Depression and sadness arises when youths feel that they have lost the battle and are good for nothing. Youths as described earlier are soft like wet clay, can be moulded in any shape. So, if right from the beginning we inculcate strength, power to face all situations, confidence, and boldness in youths, then they will never feel disheartened, after every failure they will again jump into the arena of competition. Thus, the growing level of competition is as necessary to youths as the use of less polluting vehicles is necessary for environment. Thus, competition must increase so that youths get better and entire nation moves forward. However, in the process youths should also generate strength to face all circumstances. Once this happens, we will witness a better and higher level of positive competition where both the winner and loser wins.

- Jayant Joshi

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