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Is the growing level of competition good for the youth?

Youths are the backbone of a nation. Therefore a nation will march ahead if its youth power have the spark of patriotism in them to lead their own nation through the path of progress. At the same time, youth is the age where it is true specially in our country that, the economic avenues are far less in comparison to the burgeoning population. On the one hand, there is the buzz and the pomp of open market economy which wants to bound the whole world, while on the other hand; there is a less state sponsored youth promotion policy in the country in the various fields of activities. All in all, it has led to a situation where the youths have to excel in a situation of intense competition both within and outside the country.

If youth had to succeed in life, then one thing is for sure, that they have to pass through the acid test of fierce competition in today's world. This fact has made the youths of today's society careerist a lot and it has resulted in the loss of their individuality to a large extent. Today's society has seen a disintegration of the family system with the springing up of the nuclear family and the diminishing of the joint family. This is due to the fact that career of an individual in general writ large in his psyche then all other factors in his life. Therefore, careerist attitude, natural fallout of fieriest competition among the youths has led to a large stress and strain in the lives of youths in particular and the whole society in general.

What is the natural fallout of all these developments? In the last decade, without much relying on statistics, it can be really said without much doubt that bespectacled persons have increased in the whole world. In this phenomenon, of rising number of bespectacled persons in the whole world, the number of kids and youths outnumbers others. What does it imply? It only shows how our young generations eyes are at stress and strain due to various factors and among these factors the prime factor is the rat-race among them to excel in life specially in academics by involving in fierce competition .It can be rightly said that 'one's eyes can to a large extent give an idea about one's mind'. Thus if a youths eyes are in stress and strain then his whole mind is in stress and strain. Enlarging this fact, to a larger horizon, we can conclude that each and every individual of a nation which includes its backbone, the youth, are in stress and strain making the whole society stressful.

It is rightly said that 'A Bird in hand is worth two in the bush'. With regard to today's youth culture that is prevalent now, this saying is precisely relevant. Today's youth needs to give more stress on harnessing their own resources which are in their own hand or are within their reach then yearning for more and more which ultimately with time leads to harm themselves. Thus competitive mind among the youths is good but at the same time it should not come at the cost of their own health or societal degeneration. It is often found these days that coming of guests is not welcomed in evening times in most of the families in cities and towns as it cuts down in reading time among these families children due to socialising with guests. Such trends are quite common in our society. This may be said to be the flip side of competition among the youths.

In a nutshell it can be said that the growing level of competition is good for the youth only if it is free from societal degeneration. Sense of competition is welcomed but what is not welcomed is the stress and strain associated with it. As a man cannot lead his life by eating only ,so it is true that he cannot lead a life of pleasure by competing with others only. This stage of life youth needs all the fragrance and ingredients of life which can make it worth living thereby enriching his own life only.