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Our country being a land of spiritual beliefs of billions of people which is thought of being under the control of some mysterious power, have faced many ups and downs in its vast journey in this beautiful yet

Life and time consuming world. After all the struggle made to free our country from the hands of several foreign parasites our own people are making the struggle for freedom a mighty mistake done by the GREATS of INDIA .

Freedom is given to us to express our rights to live on this land and abolish slavery. We are making ourselves slave to the attractions of our mind which is leading us nowhere but nearer to destruction and farther to development and morality.

India is the second most populous country and is having the highest percentage of young people compared to all over the world. This percentage having been influenced by the pleasures of life such as sex and need of a companion through various sources of information such as media and internet are probing to make molestation children and adults.

Yes I completely agree with that. Lack of morale in people around us is leading to these incidents to occur too frequently compared to the growth of viruses in the Ganges. Also the negligence of people around us is giving the freedom to these demons of kaliyuga to create massacre.

These people who want their pleasures to be filled with the wrath and degradation of other people are creating a insecure environment around us leaving everyone as the next fish for the bait. One has to incur in themselves minimum morale to fight for the unrelated sisters of our country pledged from our schooling in our assembly meeting. Every parent must teach their children the importance of respect to be given for girls and elderly people which has become a mugging up rhyme for pre-kg students but not yet implemented just like the problem-regarding bills in the parliament.

Many events that happened earlier this decade have shown the unconditional love of people that gathered around a molested child or a woman but not any help from anyone around during the time of the disaster.

There is no reason blaming the 5 year warranty rulers. The change should be we people. One shouldn't think as a monarch taking care of themselves and their family. I wouldn't say to be on the streets to help every trespassing girl, but one should at least feel responsible for the event if it has happened in their surroundings.

I personally think that we humans have the property of searching for something we are curious about. Also curiosity comes with the unknowingness of us about a thing around us. In the same way improper education about sex and morality is making us to search for both of them and one is finding out the nearest possible way to reach any one of them. There is a golden rule to solve the known problems and try out next for the difficult ones in our exams.

As we know that our life is exam of different questions, everyone is finding a way to find a way to molest but not morale. So minimum education about sex and the problems faced by the effected person should be explained to every child and individual by relating every citizen of India as their blood relations.

Also every girl has to be taught with self protection measures and the minimum care such as shouting loudly if any one touches them on their private parts. Caution should be taken while leaving the child home alone with any of their relatives or servants. No one should be considered safe if you make the surroundings safe and sound for your child.

Also media should not highlight how the event had happened but should clearly explain why it has happened. The negligence of people if any should be highlighted more than the by polls during an election.

So proper EDUCATION is the need of the day for both PREDATOR and PREY to become the PROTECTOR and the QUEEN respectively as in the mythological stories of our VEDAS.

K.Sai Naveen

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