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Mark Twain described India as "India is the cradle of human race, the birthplace of human speech the mother of history the grandmother of legend and the great grandmother of tradition." Such a nation which is a pioneer in every aspect of culture, technology, science and which was at the zenith of peace and prosperity since times immemorial is being sunk into the abyss. The sole reason being, disrespect towards women. Little did Megasthenes know about the future calamity which is in store for the nation had he known earlier, he would have written a book on how to preserve and respect India rather than extolling her the then greatness in his 'Indica.'

Many reasons have contributed to the downfall of our great nation. But, just as a tide we rose. We rose against all odds and are slowly gaining the long lost position of our ancestors but the only impediment being DISRESPECT TO WOMEN. Unless India can curb this menace and start respecting her daughters, India can never achieve her former glory as "A woman brought you into this world. You have simply no right to disrespect one." If you did, you are disrespecting yourself, your nation and the creator himself.

To be Frank, India or rather Indian people (I don't like to tarnish the name of my nation) are known for molestation throughout the global community. Molestation is prevalent in every nook and corner of our nation. It would be completely absurd and preposterous to blame the women for it. (As done by one renowned politician). A single question needs to be asked under the present circumstances. Will a man be molested based on the clothes he wears? Obviously No! The corollary also should be true. The actions of a human being reflect his character. So, when we ourselves have a blot in our mind, it is we who need the treatment.

Further, parents cannot be blamed for talking excessive care for their daughters. It is actions of these naive people which made them do so. And their actions are completely justified by the daily happenings in and around them. Molesting a girl is one of the worst means of expressing one's lack of control over his emotions and excessive lust. Every women in our nation I assure as we speak is passing through a set of lust filled eyes scanning through her entire body. It doesn't just stop there. Following her, commenting her in a lewd way is a daily scenario in almost every street of the country. The worst part being is children under the age of five being no exception to this monster of molestation. According to Indian tradition children are considered next to God. By committing to heinous, barbarous acts on children in analogous to insulting God. Does clothing come into account for a 5 year old?

India is the nightmare for any tourists. Being aware of the scenario, there is an exponential drop of wanderlusts visiting the country as a result the tourism is being severely affected. India has an exquisite set of places which lure tourists but at the same time each and every street of India is possessed by formidable monster of molestation which considers every female as an object to be played with. INDIA, the land which taught people what tradition and culture are, is forgetting her own innate values.

The main solution is educating the masses of the country. Yes, there are instances where the most civilized and the most educated people resort to these acts but the main emphasis is on the masses as they are the majority you find in every bus stop. This molestation can be curbed to a certain extent by legalising prostitution and to another certain extent by sex education. Sex education helps a person to understand the various intricacies of human bodies. It is a tendency of homo-sapiens since the dawn of time to explore the unexplored and alien places. I believe, if it is not alien, no one bothers. Sex education will certainly help to a larger degree in curbing the problem of molestation. The role taken by the legislature and the executive is also a prime factor of inculcating fear in the hooligans.

"The progress of any nation depends on the well being of her daughters." Let us make India the abode of Gods.

Abhiram Viswanadha

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