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Humans are social animal. Each person has right to live happily unless it does not intervene someone else's life. However, the earth is occupied by both angels and demons. In order to show power over other person for various reasons, people try to harm the person standing against them. And this leads to conversion of a harmonious society into a chaotic place to live in. Molestation is not something which hurts physically; it leaves a mental scar making the victim unable to lead a normal life causing death in many cases.

In this fast changing world, the definition of all things like money, power, and relations are also changing at a rapid pace. In order to overpower others, people are becoming violent and trying to harm others physically and mentally in every way possible. And this is the reason for public molestation becoming a daily routine. For instance, we have being living in a patriarchal society for so long. Men were the head of the family and women were supposed to be inside the four walls. And this dogma has been so doggedly instilled in our society that it becomes difficult now to see a woman heading a family or going out for work. This dogmatic thinking has led to crime against women a daily routine. Eve teasing, sexual assault, acid attack, etc have become tools to stop them from going out. News about Female child trafficking and prostitution has become a routine headline for daily newspaper. In a way perpetrators are getting success in their mission. Today girls are being stopped to go out and miscreants are moving out openly without any qualm.

Living in this advanced world and enjoying luxury needs money. People are so hunger of money that they are forgetting difference between right and wrong. Human trafficking has been a tool to earn money. Children are kidnapped from public places and are used for illegal organ trading. Advancement of technology which has made our life better has also made it worse than before. A big network of online human trafficker has trapped the entire world.

The way out of this life threatening problem is to educate people more and more. Foremost, each of us should realize that it's the perpetrator who is criminal and not the poor victim who falls in his trap. By changing our attitude towards victim could be a big way out to this grave monstrosity. Boycotting victims and stigmatizing them as rape survivor leads to encourage the perpetrator. Instead of putting victims through a mental trauma we must provide them moral support so that they can stand again and live a normal life.

Moreover, Children must be given sex education so that they become aware of the things going around them. They must also be taught steps to be taken in case of such miss-happening. Also equipping women with self defense tools could be a measure to prevent the heinous crime. Self defense arts like karate, martial arts must be taught in schools. Moreover security in public places must be increased. Government official like police must realize their duty. Instead of giving mental tortures to the victims, they must support them while going through the legal processes. Moreover laws must be amended and simplified so that people do not fear for being witness to such crimes.

Likewise, Media can also play an important role fighting against this social problem. Instead of making such news a source of their publicity and highlighting victim ad nauseam, it should help in curbing such social carbuncle. It should disseminate awareness among the people, ways to avoid falling prey under hands of such criminals, legal procedures to be carried out against such criminal.

In the present world when we are much more educated than earlier, we should join hand in hand to fight this crime. Let the perpetrators know that entire society is in support of victim and their networks are not big enough to catch an innocent.

Pranita Agrawal

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