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yatra naaryastu puujyante ramante tatra devataah
yatraitaastu na puujyante sarvaastatraaphlaah kriyaah

GOD is there where women is been respected AND where they are NOT , all your actions are just WASTE.

Simple meaning for such complex shlokas. But what if people just have read the shloka and not understood it. Respect women, they are also your mothers, sisters and wives. Who the hell has given the right to people to molest a woman? They should keep in mind that women bring divine energy within them. Don't forget! It is a mother who gave birth to a Lord Ram or let it be Jesus Christ. We all have been praying Goddess Durga , Goddess Laxmi but killing female child , molesting women in every possible place and situations. How dual faced personality can a man be?


In fact they should consider women above them.

A very famous case of Delhi, termed as NIRBHAYA RAPE CASE / DAMINI RAPE CASE. What happened after that? NO MORE rape cases now, well in dreams! Today a female has to think thrice to go out in dark , deadline at home for a girl child is kept 6:00 pm whereas for boys it is extended to late night. Today it's common that mother advises her daughter that not to come late night and not to wear short dresses and beware of UNKNOWN BOYS. In fact boys should be advised to have a clean mentality and to remove this thinking from mind that a girl wearing short dress and roaming late night is approachable.

A working woman has to think thrice to work for late hours in office and even if she is ready, her family do objects and take this issue at the peak.

A recent case could be heard that was UBER TAXI RAPE CASE. A late night working lady was been raped by radio cab driver. That driver was been appointed to pick and drop to her home for her safety but what happened?

She was been harassed by the person appointed to drop her home SAFELY.

Should they stop going to offices or stop going on streets or in simple words should be house arrest. NO. People who think molestation of females is because of fault of female itself should be done house arrest. Laws are made, police is there to handle such issue, courts are made to hear to these issues and punish BUT what is the result? Girls are still been molested in public place now and people do such act fearlessly thinking that this proves their masculine nature but in fact this represents there upbringing, from which family they belong to. Police as usual comes after the crime is been committed and court is already handling 14 lacs pending cases and yes, laws are just in written.

Today, the root cause of molestation is the mean and cheap mentality of suppressing a woman to prove the masculine and dominion nature of man. Passing cheap comments on a girl passing by or trying to touch colleague for no reasons shows desperate nature of man who should not be praised in fact should be kicked on his ass in public.

Beti, shaam hone se pehle aajana ZAMANA bahut kharab hai.

A very common dialogue that each mother says to her daughter, in fact could be heard in every family where there is a girl child. What is the problem with this "zamana", why they can't let a girl live life in her own way why they are always ready to scratch, bite and hurt an innocent female? It has became a new emerging trend of youth that if a guy is having many female friends then he is STUD and if same goes for a female , a simple four letter word is pasted on her forehead that is enough to define her character and that great word is SLUT. Why people don't think of their own daughters and wives and mothers and sisters before passing such comments on any other female.

Charity begins at home, in similar way the clean mentality and good advices should be given to boys and men at home. Equality doesn't means exact the same but it has to appropriate to the person's ability, role etc. Women should not be treated as a property or slave.

Respect females, they are the source to your presence on this earth.


-Shivangi Singh

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