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With every passing day, the instances of sexual violence against the female-sex is on the rise. All the forms of media whether it is print, visual or electronic is full of instances of derogatory and abusive behavior of the male-sex over their female counterpart in there day to day life which includes instances of rape and molestation of women. Today women cannot consider herself to be safe inside their house or outside of it. Moreover they at public places have most often become the victims of some hungry eyes. It is in this light we need to introspect and analyze as well as discuss whether Molestation at public places had become a Daily Routine.

The incident of Nirbhaya of December 2012 raised many eye-brows and forces us to ponder over the fact at how much insensitive we have become in respecting our mothers and sisters of the nation. Nirbhaya is just an example of our lust towards women but at the same time there have been many unreported instances of sexual abuse or violence towards women which also includes instances of molestation. In many instances of sexual violence like molestation and rape, the women in order to preserve her self-respect and dignity as well as due to her fear-factor towards her tormentor, do not complain to the police, which also happen sometimes at the instances that occurred at public places. Moreover we sometimes find that at public places when a young-girl has become the victim of menaces of eve-teasing or even molestation, the by-standers instead of protecting her dignity starts to take photo by their mobile phones or even sometimes take enjoyment of the moment. All this proves how much morally degraded we have become.

Indian Penal Code, 1860 defined sexual violence against women as a crime against the very person of the victim that is women. Moreover section 354 which cover "Assault or Criminal force to women with intent to outrage her modesty". And section 375 and 376 also deals with sexual offences like Rape. At the same time there is another aspect which need to be addressed at the aftermath of Nirbhaya incident, where one of the accused was a juvenile, is the definition of juvenile as well as the age of a child after which he/she could be considered as legally capable for punishment for sexual offence. With the passage of time and increasing inroads of bohemian culture in the name of modernity the adolescent boys and girls are becoming psychologically matured at a very young age to understand and feel about sex and sexuality. In this light we need to redefine the term 'juvenile' so that we may increase the ambit of penal servitude to protect our women at public places in particular.

In this way the molestation of women at public places has thus become quite common phenomenon in our society. This proves how much we have been distancing ourselves from probity in public life. It can be rightly said that what media in all its forms and manifestations depicts today is what we copy tomorrow. In this way media is the mirror and our society is the portrait / image of this mirror. So in the society, media has a revolutionary role to play in this regard to make or unmake women safe at public places. This can be done by projecting the fairer sex in a balanced and harmonious manner. The media magnets should not projects women as sex-objects but as an equal companion of man. This is because what we see or learn via media is what we imitate tomorrow. So our media houses have a herculean task in preserving the dignity of women in public places.

Moreover we need to create more security forces to protect women at public places. Here in this regard, we need to create special women police forces with women police stations so that such molestation of women in public places can be curbed by these women police forces. Women police is helpful because a woman knows women better or a woman can or will always be able to share her pain and agony before such women police force. Moreover for proper security of women in public places the greatest remedy seems to be a change in societies minded or thought process. In this regard I would say we need to be sensitive and cordial with our female counterparts. Moreover our thought process and thinking reflects our motive and action. If we cannot curb our brute instincts today by not respectively our women today then the day is not far when the live between human and beast will get slurred thereby leading to a large extent to the emergence of a bohemian society ultimately resulting in a bohemian life style.

Jnandeep Bora

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