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With growing numbers of Crorepati MPs, can poor Indians contest Lok Sabha Election.

India is a developing country with huge number of people living below the poverty line. There is great disparity in the economic condition of the people. The financially poor people are deprived of many opportunities in life, while the rich people have all the privileges.

The present economic condition of the country made the situation much worse. The country is reeling under inflation, taxation and corruption that have made the rich, richer, the poor even poorer.

With the advent of inflation and corruption, the political leaders, especially the MPs are making a huge amount of money. Also the government policies, programmes are enabling them to make huge money.

The amount from thousands and lakhs have now gone to crore. We now find most of the M.Ps to be crorepatis. This huge money they have made in politics enables them to spend it during the time of Lok Sabha elections. We cannot imagine the total amount of money spent in the elections. Definitely huge amount of money is required for campaigning, posters, meetings, discussions, media conference etc. It's for sue that whosoever has the funds will have an upper hand. It's the money power that rules the election campaign.

These crorpati M.Ps are almost pushing out the contestant with little money as the competition for contesting the elections is becoming an affair of corepatis.

This is happening contrary to the belief that the people who stand in the elections are the representatives of the common people. They should be elected as per their capabilities and the work they do and not by their power of money.

Those with a heart to work, with a fresh mind cannot contest the elections due to lack of money. They do not have the funds to hold meetings and conferences and carry out extravagant propaganda. Even if they stand in the elections, they cannot win because of lack of funds. They do not have the resources to campaign during the elections.

A new trend has emerged these days where industrialists are contesting the Lok sabha election. There is no dearth of money for them and they can build a huge campaign. These people are reducing the chances of the genuine candidates who desire to work for the people. Such people ,due to lack of funds, cannot make match the money power of rich M.Ps who talk more and work less.

The present trend has reduced the chances of the common people to contest the general elections. It is only a vocation for those who have the power of the money. It is only those who can run a wealthy political campaign can win the elections.

The triumph of the Aaam Admi party in the assembly election in Delhi is the only silver lining in the dark clouds. It has proved that even with growing numbers of Crorepati MPs, poor Indians can contest the elections.

Rohan Bhowmik