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With growing numbers of Crorepati MPs, can poor Indians contest Lok Sabha Election.

The election for the Lok Sabha is round the corner. Every political party is claiming to make a big sweep in the upcoming elections and form a government and to assume power in New Delhi.

The lure for power and money has by and large has made the election a game of tussle between so called "Crorepatis" and common Indians. In this race the poor Indians have become a 'disillusioned' lot as the rich has positioned themselves as a model candidate to serve the nation.

The emergence of Aam Admi Party AAP has made a feat by bringing people from different walks of life into the electoral fray. It has made poor Indians feel optimistic to contest the elections. However, the noble initiative is still facing huge resistance from the politics of money.

The people of the country are unable to find suitable candidates that may keep away from the materialistic facet of power and can take up the issues of general importance. The emergence of such possibility still remains a distant dream.

The distribution of tickets to celebrities, corporate honchos and criminals by every political party portrays a dismissal picture of Indian democracy. The growing inequity among the society at large is contributing to such an agony.

The Election Commission has to make the current political scenario pro people rather than a mere a five year plan for conducting elections.

The "NOTA" option to be included in the voting machine is a big step to keep in check the drift of the electoral process in India towards the rich candidates. It remains to be seen how NOTA option will be exercised by the people to clean up the electoral system in the country.

Rishi Tandon