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With growing numbers of Crorepati MPs, can poor Indians contest Lok Sabha Election.

In this 16th L.S elections money is flowing like water, which exactly shows that if you are not cororepati you cannot contest the Parliamentary election.

Different parties are using different techniques at different level to show from where they are getting that much of the money to spend in their rallies. Some said that they are getting donations but they are not saying why they are getting the finances, what is the motive behind that.

The parties are going at any level to get success in the elections, distributing free tea that costs Rs. 5 per cup. It requires a huge sum of money. Can an ordinary candidate do this?

Even the Aam Admi Party is no exception. It is still a mystery that from where they got such huge sum of the money to contest the Delhi election. They showed all their accounts in their website, but Rs 5 and Rs 10 cannot make it to Rs. 20 crore. As per the election commission they had not disclose source of funds properly.

Even though the election commission has fixed the maximum limit of amount to be spent in the election, no party is following it.
They BJP is spending crores but there is no one to ask from where they are getting so much of fund. If a common man raises voice against this than that voice is suppressed by the party men.

Each and every party is making use of money power to woo the public with monetary promises. Most of the public get trapped by such promises. They do not know that whatever money is being given by the party it will be extracted by them on a later date on some pretext or other. At that time that general public would be cursing the party.

As per the election we have 80 crore voters this year. Out of those 20 crore are illiterate which is 25%. A large number of illiterate voters do not know who is there MLA and which MLA have done what thing for them. They simply watch which party is distributing what thing and the party which distributes the costliest thing, they go to vote for them.

So, for a common man it is impossible to contest the election because he cannot spend that much of money in the election campaign. In such case the election commission must get strict about the findings in the elections. It should insists the political parties to provide the detail of the funding they have received on on their website and let the general public does the scrutiny of their funding. This may discourage money power playing a role in the elections. This may alone encourage the common man to get into the electoral fray and compete with the other candidates.

Sanjeev kumar sharma