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With growing numbers of Crorepati MPs, can poor Indians contest Lok Sabha Election.

As the date of Lok Sabha election is drawing nearer, there is an election fever griping the country. Candidates are busy filing their nominations and with this many candidates are declaring their assets which are running into crores of rupees.

A survey has shown that more than half of the MP's are crorepatis. Also there are cases in which the value of their assets has doubled in the past five years since 2009.

By seeing all this, common man is wary of contesting elections for the fear of facing money power during electioneering. However in reality the opportunity for contesting an election is equal to the rich as well as to the poor.

The article 14 of our constitution grants all the citizens the right to equality. Hence monetary gains are not required to contest elections. In order to be qualified for contesting elections a person must be;

  • Citizen of India
  • 25 years of age , For contesting to Lok Sabha
  • Should not be of unsound mind
  • Should not be an undischarged solvent
  • Should not have been dismissed from government service
  • Should not be disqualified under any law
A few more conditions also needs to be fulfilled.

All the Indians have equal chance for contesting elections. There is no where it is written that for contesting an election a candidate should be a crorepati or should have so much money.

The trend of crorepatis becoming MPs is not a recent one. It started long back. It is a practice adopted by the political parties to give tickets to people with money. They motive behind this is to get funds from them for the party. When such people come to power they indulge in their self welfare and plough back the money given to the party.

The official machinery also pays more attention to the rich candidates. They get VIP treatment in terms of security and other such facilities. The same attention is not given to the poor contestant. The rich candidates use many for unfair means to woo the voters and indulge in many electoral malpractices. The use of money power to influence the outcome of the election is rampant in the country.

However, with the rise of the Aam Admi party, a wind seems to be blowing in favour of the common man. A number of common men are standing to contest elections, opposite super rich candidates.

So contesting elections this time looks a bit different. Ultimately the candidate who will live up to the expectations of the people alone will win, irrespective whether he is poor or rich.

Jashan Singh Sahib