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With growing numbers of Crorepati MPs, can poor Indians contest Lok Sabha Election.

In India chances for the common man to contest the election is diminishing very fast. This is because rich people with the support of money power are making the election out of the reach of common man.

Such electoral corruption has spread all over the nation. The use of money is playing a very big role for coming to power. The rich people are easily winning the election by using the money power.

The political parties give priority to rich over the poor candidates. They give ticket to someone who is able to campaign with its own money.

In India today if someone likes being an M.P and if he is poor then there is always the problem of money needed at the time of election campaign. This is because a huge amount of fund is needed to be spent for banners, posters etc during the campaign.

However, it is easier for those who have money as they can lavishly spend on campaign. If they win the election then they can easily get all money back by using their power and authority.

This is the reason the poor people who have talent of leadership cannot contest the election.

Today corporate people are sponsored by the political parties and help them become an M.P. In fact such people actually handle these political parties. They compel the ruling parties to work in such a way so that they always get profit in their business. The parties also don't want to lose their support because they depend on them for funds.

However, anyone who has the talent of leadership can easily break such barrier by doing good work for people of his constituency. In fact people will vote for the person who has been working for them rather than seeing the posters that are used for campaign mostly by the rich people. So anyone who aspires for being an M.P must work in their respective constituency first and then after making its name, may contest the Lok Sabha Election.

Ayush Jaiswal