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India is a country vast in its cultural and literal heritage but now it is also known for its telecom industry. According to Ericson�s recent report India is the fastest in growing mobile subscriptions. With mobiles becoming an easy access and the smartphones flooding the market the data traffic and usage of 3G and 4G mobile networks has also increased two fold. This new mobile revolution has led to the rise of a mobile and technology savvy population. India�s fast growing economy and the conscious and alert technologically growing population is astounding .These days every child in India knows how to operate a computer, a mobile and the food for thought comes from the social media platform. The youth today thrives on the feeds created on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, WhatsApp and the various other social media created platform. This has given people a platform, an open arena to discuss create and collaborate information based on the economy, the society, the nation and the politics within it.

India has a fundamental policy of freedom of speech and expression which today is being exercised by the youth in the best possible way and its far reaching effects are creating news worldwide. The youth today has chosen the social media as there way of expressing their concern, criticism, appreciation and pride. Yes in my opinion the youth of India is getting swayed by the use of social media but at the same time it must not be forgotten that it has far reaching effects and the awareness about politics has increased among the youth through this. Even the political parties and the leaders make their presence felt and highlight their actions through the social media. Today�s generation believes in the statement that �Google is my best friend� where all information is sourced out of the World Wide Web. Indian youth which was away from politics in every manner today awaits a Tweet from the political parties to either criticize or praise there stand. In my opinion this growing revolution has created a xenophobic population but this population is aware, conscious, liberated, empowered and vocal about their views and opinions about every stand being taken in fundamental democratic system that we live in. It not only highlights that democracy is alive in India but also showcases the thought process and the power of the India youth. Mohammed Ali Jinnah rightly said that the pen is mightier than the sword today we can say that we can create a revolution using the social media and the internet. We can refer than the social media and the internet is no less than a sword. As we have seen a rise in the number of voters and the youth rising up to vote the social media and the internet revolution has a great role to play in this. The Jaago Re campaign was a huge success among the youth of our country. At the same time the social media can also contain a state of information overload as well. They say half-baked information does more harm than good even this is a cause of worry. There needs to be an existence of responsible social media in order to avoid these problems

Youth is a dream, a form of chemical madness. This is a statement very rightly made as the youth can be swayed in positive and negative ways both. Our Youth is our biggest weapon that can make and break the nation and the youth in turn as another weapon that is the social media. Only through responsible social media can the nation be improved as this gives a huge platform to discuss politics, politicians, political parties and their roles and policies. That�s one big reason that our politicians have also decided to Tweet as they know it has far reaching effects. Our own Prime Minister has made his debut at the social media platform through Weibo a social media site. Yes the youth is swayed but even this is a fact we all like reminders and the social media is a huge reminder and visibility platform that reminds us of our responsibilities as an Indian citizen and at the same time acts as a catalyst for changes through discussions n information collaboration on the political arena.

Roshni Rajpal

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