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We all are living in the modern world where digitization is growing at much speed and we all became habitual of internet and social media that influenced the youths too much. There is nothing in the world that can transform our own thoughts but today social media became such a platform where we not only remain connected to our close ones but also we take a closer look on our current issues and their possible solutions that lead us to think once over major concern. That�s why facebook, twitter, etc. became so much popular. If we previously look at the users of social sites then mostly are the youths but now it is not only limited to youngster but also to elders one too that serve them as a platform for various activities such as advertisements, campaigning, protest, etc.
Politics is the lifecycle of any country and youths are the building block of it. As we all know that youths are the future of the country that�s why each and every political party tries to win their hearts and convince them. Yes that�s the fact and no one can deny that social media has influenced public too much especially youths are much swayed by this. People became much more aware than before. If we look at the voting percentage in the election then we can see the drastic change that has came due to campaigning in social media. Youths knew the value of their vote and they only vote after knowing all the pros and cons that has helped in keeping the spirit of democracy. Political parties are investing their resources in social media. They are trying to reach public more and more through it. And they are doing so because they knew the positive aspects of using it and they develop a healthy environment to discuss issues and differences.

Social media is like the mirror which reflects the outlook of a society. Political parties used them as weapon to foster their individual win and profits. We can easily notice various campaign advertisements, their upcoming schemes and the amount of benefits of that particular party in social sites. This seems to be the right investment as per the concern of the politics which accounts to rise in the participation of the youths in politics which further leads to the overall development of the country. By this use of social media people of various states, caste and culture are influenced in a single stroke. They discussed their problems and share their views in a common platform. Political parties does not only use social media to influence the youths but youths also use social sites to solve the problems and raise the voice of deprived ones. We have numerous number of example in which social media act as an activator to raise the voice against wrong and pressurized the concerning authority to take the action against guilty.
News in social media flows at much higher speed and that�s why youths are too much influenced by it. Youngsters have the power to change the world but they just need the right direction and social media is playing this role. But some are also misusing it and some are misguided by this. Youths are aggressive in nature that�s why sometimes a particular healthy debate took a violent face. This is the biggest shortcoming of using social media in politics. Abusive comments and arguments are used to dominate others that develop a cut throat competition.
Thus we can say that today social media is an integrated part of the youths and thus act as an influencing medium by many politicians. Just like de Broglie�s duality theory there is duality in nature same is the case of using social media in politics. Pros and cons exist but it is more advantageous to use that as youths are contributing their shares in the welfare and development of society and as well that of a nation and yes youth can make a difference.


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