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Twenty first century is the era of mobile & internet. Due to these the world has came into our fist. We can get which we want by a click on our mobile. These days� social media is very popular among each generation. To find out craziness of people about it leaders are also using it into politics.
It's human psychology that it attracts towards beautiful & interesting things quickly. And social media is full of all these that�s why it is extremely popular among all. It provides a great platform to leaders where they can put their views, plans, promises etc. in front of people. It is very beneficial for leaders also, they can do publicity of their party easily & link with more & more people in sitting their offices.
According to 2014 list of countries by internet usage India is third after china & US. Its share of world internet users is 8.33%. So leaders take advantage of it & they try to trap more & more people through it.
Our youth wants spices, entertainments, up to date knowledge & current affairs of world each & every time. And these are easily available to them through social media. Now these days not only youth but also elders like to use it. Hence by using it politicians try to take power of youth in their fist by washing their mind with attractive ways like their magical words & speeches, photos, profiles etc. Now it is very common among leaders to make their selfie with people & post it on social media to impress youth. As they know that our youth is very emotional & impressed by small things. If they find leaders on social media then they start to follow them & thinking those leaders as their hero. If leaders post photos then more number of people tag to those photos, comment on it & send it to others. So it is very easy task for leaders to capture attention of youth in twinkling of eye through social media.

Yes, the youth of India is swayed by the use of social media in politics. In the last election each & every party used social media largely for publicizing to themselves. Leaders use Social media as a lollipop for youth & they not only attract but also withdraw their attention from important matters by using it. The best example of it celebration of international Yoga day, June 21 by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. And this celebration made many records in world & large amount of money spent on it�s publicity & arrangements. According to him the main reason to celebrate this day is to aware people about their health. But the question is that if he is very worried about people�s health then why don�t he take serious actions on smoking and using alcohol? Why don�t they do anything for poor people�s health, about drinking water problems in slum areas & about high cost of edibles? Will every one become healthy by only doing Yoga? Or it is only drama to withdraw people�s attention from important matters.
Leaders try to capture people�s attention towards them at any rate. However those ways are right or wrong they never care about it. But as a responsible citizen it�s our responsibility to take wise decisions in spite attracting towards magical words, speeches & promises. We should give votes to only those leaders which are capable of it. Today most of leaders are corrupted, liar and illiterate. And they make fool to people by their eloquence speeches. Youth is the mightiest power of the nation, that�s why it is duty of Youth to give power in right hand by their considerate decision.

Imrana Ataur Rahman

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