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Psychologically the negative scents called criticism are attractive to us. In the youth of 20�s I rarely guess who is saved from the blues of facebook or twitter. In short these are lifelines of an Indian teenager. Mornings we get up with one eye open scroll through these sites read about in between the other pages we often go through thousands of pictures asking for a like on Modi�s picture touching his mother�s feet with a caption �like if you love your mother ignore if you don�t�. Seriously, if you don�t believe me then you are not a social media model. From the character to the education the youth forms an image of the politician in one�s mind and this image is so powerful that it gives power to the fingers of today�s youth regarding whom to vote. The youth would not depend on Smriti Irani�s statement like their mother would who watched her serials but they would trust the social media who says her degrees are just a photocopy. But what the concern is? Should they relay on the social smoke or not? The answer may be yes sometimes but if no what should they rely on? They have not met any politician in personal and judged their lives. The youth does not know what is going in the minds of the political leader or why they chose to step on the path they are on now. The solution to it is simple yet complicated. Its �transparency� which is the only power left that could travel in the nervous system of youth for developing a fair decision towards any politician. Though the youth is influenced a lot by religious and family factors too but that is limited to a very little population that doesn�t even vote! Because the ones who do they are too influenced by these other factors but that doesn�t decide their favouritism. The youth is defined by anger, enthusiasm, courage and patriotism. The youth is the power of any nation and today�s youth shares strong strings with social media just like the older ones can�t go on a day without a cup of tea the youth can�t breathe fresh air unless they strain of the social media magnets. and as I said before more flavor and spices more is the urge to taste just like the news of politics it is not less than a �bhel-puri�, the common snack filled with spices and crunch that is tempt ting just like the way the news is spread on social media so who could resist? Especially when the most vulnerable souls are the ones in 20�s who the new voters are and their analysis depends on what they see and hear rather than what they are taught forcefully. Most of us have realized that what they retain more is not what the teacher has taught with rules and restrictions but the life and experiences which have more imprints on the mind window. And what we call experience today is a product of the results a youth faces due to their decisions and the bombardments of the social media. So it can be definitely said a mathematical relationship rather than a philosophical one when we say that the Indian youth is swayed by the use of social media in politics or not.

Arushi Arora

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