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The youth of India forms more than 60% of the population of country. With the era of globalisation technological inventions have reached the doorstep of every Indian. Like in any other country the Indian youth spends maximum proportion of their time on the internet. Internet offers a variety of services. The youth of India is energetic and hyperactive. They remain up-to-date with the day to day happenings, thanks to the internet.

Social media refers to the various services on the internet like Facebook, twitter etc. They are actual socially networking sites but behave like media when it comes to sharing of news and various things. Almost every youth irrespective of the country to which they belong is active on social networking sites. A study shows that 90% of the Australians use Facebook, social networking sites are vast sources of information and meeting people thus helping in sharing of cultural memes.

Politics is a game played since the time immemorial though the rules may have changed but the gist remains the same. Politicians make promises and the people listen to them get swayed, vote for them and make them their representative sin the state and central legislatures.


Indian youth forms a large proportion of the users of social networking sites. The Indian youth are fond of sites like Facebook and twitter, they follow their ideal personalities and listen to what they share and write. The social media has been used several times to spread hatred and the result is the communal clashes .So the proficiency of social media can be seen in the number of unrests in the country during the last 5 years following the large-scale use of social media.

POLITICS AND SOCIAL MEDIA Social media forms an important part of political strategies. The politicians share their manifestos and their views about any social, political or economic issues by the use of social networking sites. They don�t need to organise press conferences every time but what they need to do simply is share it on their social networking sites and the rest is done by their followers who are large in numbers. Today a large population of our country comes to know various things about their leaders via social media and accordingly vote for them.

INDIAN YOUTH AND POLITICS The youth of India have been interested towards politics since the last two decades. The youth are full of energy and passion and can�t bear or let go the inabilities of their leaders to improve the conditions of the country. The large proportion of frustrated, unemployed Indian youth see politics as a limelight and go for it. The number of youth in Indian politics has been increasing at a good pace and is confirmed by the formation of parties like youth congress etc.

THE TRINITY: INDIAN YOUTH, SOCIAL MEDIA & POLITICS It is true that the youth of India is swayed by the use of social media in politics. The most suitable example is the Lok Sabha election 2014. The BJP Prime ministerial candidate honourable Sh. Narendra Modi used a large coverage of social media during campaigning. By the use of social media he reached each and every corner of the country; each and every person of the country. Indian youth having political insights as well as others came to know about the candidates of each party and accordingly made opinion about them by their speeches etc. never before have the people been interested in the parliamentary elections to this extent and the credit goes to the energetic youth & the social media. This has also increased the interest of youth in politics and opened a new career for the youth of India. Thus it is true that Indian youth are swayed by the use of social media in the Indian politics.

This thing has very wide applications in shaping the politics of India. The leaders will have to be very cautious while making promises to the people as the youth are watching them and they can turn their back any time they find their leader incapable. This is a good thing which has entered Indian politics. As the youth if India form a large share of Indian votes so their support can lead to making and falling of governments.
In nutshell with the passage of time social media will become a very powerful tool in the politics of India and youth should be careful in following their leaders and same is the case for leaders & politicians.

Neetan Kotwal

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