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Democracy plays a vital role in the smooth running of a government. If Democratic government is well up to its principles and rules of law, it is responsible government. But when government fails to meet the demands of the people it is on critical note, and those who put them on pedestals also nail them. Traditional media has played a great role so far to unfold the unimaginable flaws of the government and their policies, which becomes weak with the growing needs and increase in demands. Traditional media has debated these issues well and made hype among the people, about gobbles, coal scandals and the profiling that goes on. But in pursuit of traditional media innovations have given us a new generation's media to deal with daily happenings on minute basis. In February 2004 Facebook was founded by Zukerberg and then in 2005 YouTube was founded by Chad Hurley, Steve Chan and Javid Kasim and with the passage of time today we have social media in abundance like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and interest etc. Social Media has changed the world view of the people it has given distinction to the all sect's, ages and races of people to participate independently in the idea sharing regime. Whether it is a hot topic of social or political nature people are frequently interlinked, males or females, young or old, poor or rich, rural or tribal, employers or employees, they show no hesitation in adding their comment, whether in favour or against government. It is said that social media which has gained momentum is the voice of voiceless people who participate in it. Politics is often discussed and debated on social media, who is suitable for presidential candidacy or for prime ministerial chair all comes under its scrutiny. Even before election results are yet to be declared exit polls reaches the people within no time. Social Media is the language of the people of 21st century, statistics says that about 1.96 billion people are the subscribers in 2015 which is expected to reach 2.13 billion in 2018.India as a nation has shown incredible response. It has 67 million subscribers in 2012, 86.7 millions in 2015 and the number is expected to increase up to 197 million till 2018. Youths are mostly vulnerable, they use it as social, political, educational, communicational and informational setup to achieve their ends. Comments on government formation suitability and virtual representatives to led them, has changed the mindset of the youths. Today youths take active part in political prospectus. Statistics show that global population of youths between 10 to 24 has hit 1.8 billion which is a historic high, has a potential to transform political scenario of the country. In country like India youths became the part of decision making through social media, and thus as collective team pinpoints the debacles of political leaders. It is one voice which is growing stronger and bigger by every passing day, which will decide the fate of the nation in coming days, where there will be no escape for right and wrong, good and bad, worthy and unworthy, meritorious and demeritorious . Social media has created a competition in government policies, it says if policy stands, and so will government. If policy trembles, so will government. This new innovative thought of the youths of particular nation has indebted to the hopes of the people to make government more accountable and transparent. This ultimately will contribute for smooth running of govt machinery.

Social media provides the glimpse of all governments of the world, which creates a sense of belonging regarding other parts of the world and their role in nation building. The economic surveys on social media awaken the youths how their country is growing and how it is competing with other countries of the world. It gives them a new vision of country building and achieving the higher goals, ultimately gives the birth of change in every possible chance.

Critics has major role to play in politics, Government becomes responsible when it is criticized in open discussions and debates. Today social media is a weapon in the hands of youths to criticize the govt in every loophole they make, and became the watchdog in every walk of the life.

It's quite immaterial that social media has created a dynamics in public affairs and the role played by the youths in bringing the issues in the limelight of the people, which has socialized them in political and other affairs of the life. In coming days we hope more subscribers , more voices, more transparency and more accountability, and prosperity in the nations through social Media.

Rouf Raza Dar

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