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Internet started way back in 1960's as ARPANET which was built by US Department of Defense and nobody knew how vast internet will become actually till now 2014 nobody knows exactly how vast the internet have become. Internet is inter-networking of two or more computers to share information. The internet was revolutionized in 1980's when Tim Berners-lee Introduced World Wide Web and he also carried out the first successful communication between a Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) client and server via the Internet in 1989. Since then we have been bombed with thousands of websites and then we were introduced to search engines, social networking, online shopping and then finally it reached to our mobile phones. It may seem like a virus but today in every way Internet has completely taken over our generation and it has both good and bad influence. Well we cannot determine the future of Internet because Internet has always surprised us with its unprecedented capabilities.

Cloud,Cloud everywhere!
Currently Cloud Computing is the state of the art of internet and its growing at a rapid pace, companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, Dropbox, Google and many more are spending hard to provide cloud services in much better and reliable way. Cloud Storage is kind of storage where data is stored on the internet(cloud), to make it simple think of a Hard Drives in our personal computer like Local Disk C. We store our data in C disk and can access it from our computer only , in Cloud storage you store the data on a disk created by the companies known as Data Centers and maintain your data. You only pay for the storage you actually use but the advantage of this kind of storage is that you can access it from anywhere anytime all you need is internet and your login id and password, hope you remember it.

Advantages of cloud :
Cloud storage influenced and now tech savvy people stores their sensitive data on internet, cloud storage is kind of a back up for us. Imagine a sudden natural disaster or a human fault deletes your most important data or your whole laptop or mobile phone is formatted, and here Cloud comes to the rescue. Data store on the cloud doesn't get lost even in a natural disaster and you never miss it. Cloud storage is compatible with even mobiles phones and you can share your information instantly and most important thing is you don't need to worry of space, there is ample of space on all over the internet(cloud).Video game companies too are experimenting of utilizing the infrastructure of cloud computing so that you can access games at a lower investment and cost.

Disadvantages of cloud :
Although Cloud comes with its own set of disadvantages and first and foremost is the availability of internet when the internet connection is down, cloud services are down as well, we are completely reliable on internet for Cloud. Another disadvantage which also a major issue, recently some personal pictures of many A-star Hollywood actress were leak from icloud. Professional Hackers hack their cloud account and deliberately released those pictures in public. Security issue is a major issue with cloud service and many Companies are trying their best to provide maximum security to the customers.

Cloud computing is a powerful new abstraction for large scale data processing systems which is scalable, reliable and available. Cloud computing services can also grow and shrink according to need. Cloud computing offers benefits for organizations and individuals. There are privacy and security concerns. Overall it is a new emerging architecture needed to expand the Internet to become the computing platform of the future.

Abhishek Raghuwanshi

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