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The future of the Internet?

Bill Gates stated once, "The Internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow – Well he surely know what he was talking about. The 2K generation saw the boom of internet coming through. Slowly, but steadily, computers and internet beckoned a newer and friendlier version of education. People were connecting more and more now and faster. The future of internet is how it has shown our future in the present and how it has the highest probability of impact on our opinions.

But the question arises, how has, in fact internet helped us? Has it been only important in education or has it substantially contributed to other aspects of humans' lives as well? To answer such a poignant and simple question, we ought to have a broad sense of what internet is capable of and why it is, in fact, our future. The older education system all over the world, featured bookish studying with lot of information in encyclopaedias and people found it harder to assimilate information from different sources – not that it didn't help, but it took a whole lot of time. With the 2K timeline we live in, time is the essence – time is in fact, really equivalent to money. No one can afford to lose even a minute! This is where internet scores. With a click on one browser, several information sources with different viewpoints of the same scenario is showed at once to the beholder. This not only contributes to preparedness, but also to enhancing intellectual capacity. Students are even faster than before at grasping concepts, the pressure of understanding a concept is off, as there are huge variety of academic sources to choose from. If a student fails to pick up a concept due to slower pace of learning, an online video tutorial supplements his course and thus builds his concept. Education system has taken leaps and bounds owing to internet's accessibility of scattered information and presenting it in a clear manner.

Another important aspect of human life is what we call our social life – people are of many kinds, different personalities, different ideas and dissimilar opinions. Internet brings all of them at the same platform. Take the example of Facebook, it has literally defined a whole new definition of connectivity and contact. It caters to three different people – the social pariah, the social animal and the moderately social soul. One can control the amount one shares with everyone digitally and this gives a sense of social life to many people, who otherwise would have remained aloof. So internet has a very big psychological influence as well. Awareness of our surroundings is largely boosted due to the internet mainly owing to social and political campaigns, environmental petitions, etc. People are more willing to contribute to society as they know more, now.

Internet covers yet another aspect. Specifically talking about the situation of mentality towards women in India now, two biggies- Google and MARD association have come up with the #ReachfortheSky Campaign for women specifically. The campaign is very simple – bring more women online – for cooking needs, relationship advice, unusual and interesting career options, parenting advice, etc. The campaign is nothing out of the world, it has a simple message – to empower women's ability to function more passionately towards the different aspects of life they love. Now imagining the same campaign to having been on paper, people would have either missed noticing it or would have brushed it aside. Being an online campaign, there are people from all geographical areas who are able to access this power movement. Such is the prowess of internet, it works silently, but never fails to perform. Its use, if done for the right purposes can heighten the economic and social potential of a country's generation and if misused, like any other commodity could sink the growing thought process. Hence Internet is our only hope for a brighter and sunnier future. In totality, Internet is our present, assimilates the past and cultivates our future.

Debarati Das Gupta

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