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The future of the Internet?

After the invention of Internet a network that could connect people globally through computers became much popular during mid90's.It is the period it had its effect in India on a large scale-connecting India globally. There after it became a life style of Indians without which the easeness and comfort in life can't be imagined.

Relevance to Indian Society:
Industrialisation is the main policy of India after attaining independence in 1947.India is a country with much cultural and demographic diversities. With the help of Internet these diversities which were barriers are no more hurdles for the strength of the nation. Industrialisation also accelerated after employing Internet for the exchange of information in this sector there by promoting the Indian economy and enhancing culture. It is the common platform for the exchange of information between different countries popping up new version of society which brought people together thereby building strong nation.

Internet-Modernising India:
After the emergence of the concept of globalisation there is a need for India to keep in pace with the other developed and developing countries of the world. This made India to increase its rate of working with high degree of efficiency and easeness that could make India a developed nation. To achieve this, not only our country but also other, adopted Internet as the prime tool that could keep them in sync with the changing trends.

Later India have been an major outsourcing destination for many MNC's that made them set up their hubs in India which entirely changed the mode of Indian economy that changed from a mere agricultural and industrialising nation to a IT nation. The FOREX earned through IT and Software forms a considerable part of India's GDP and this sector also made International relations strong.

Many MNC's like Facebook Inc., Twitter, Gmail etc. watch Indian market as a global influencer and they are prepared to invest in this sector in India.

Social Revolution that will continue:
There is a fast penetration of the internet through the social websites like Facebook, Gmail, LinkedIn etc. which are a cause of many revolutionary incidents that took place all over the world and these social sites provide a most basic common platform for people to share their views. These socially influential websites existed and will exist in future that keep oneness among people globally.

Other factors:
The hype in the technologically advanced smartphones increased the use of Internet even in the rural areas. The policy formulations by the government to setup digitally enhanced class rooms in the rural and mandal taluks shows the way in which internet can be exploited for a benefit and on the dependency on Internet in the years to come.

School children right from the age of 6 years are being taught the concepts of internet which clearly shows how computers and internet protruded into the life style of mankind.

Such is the reach of Internet in this modern era.

Other side of a coin:
Apart from lots of benefits from the exploitation of Internet in a lawful way, as always there are also black shades with the use of Internet. There was a considerable increase in the cyber-crimes over the years and ethical hacking lost its ethics in some arenas which could even result in the destruction of a nation and its integrity.

Many successful laws were made to tackle these negative uses of internet and are successful. With all the benefits that are only possible because of internet we can easily analyse that there will be drastic increase in the use of internet that could develop a country both technologically and culturally that could in turn bring unity of the world.

Finally the future of Internet is bright and advantageous.

V. Preetham

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