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The future of the Internet?

"Deep you dig more you get" is the today's practical fundamental in daily life for the survival. It simply states that if you want to get more and more you have to go through inside the matter. Alike internet also running through this condition, what it needs is a good vision. In modern life internet works as a support system for every human being. Basically internet means digital networking which is a reliability of computer messaging. The internet we know and love today would not exist without the hard work of a lot of bright people. The technologies and standards they created make today's internet and World Wide Web possible. They deserve recognition and our gratitude for changing the world with internet. Internet is signals that are sent over wires that were established over vast distance. It was used first time by US Govt during the American civil war 1861-1865interner was evaluated by DARPA (Defence Advanced Research Project Agency) contracts with BBN (Bolt, Beranek and Newman) to create ARPAnet in 1968. The electronic signal standards +/- 15v. Is still used in network interface cards today. It has 5 nodes in starting in 1970 that are UCLA, Stanford, UC Santa Barbara, U of Utah and BBN. In 1984 on 1st January the internet with its 1000 hosts convert en masse to using TCP/IP for it's messaging.

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Internet and India:-
When we are going to discuss about the future of the internet the consideration will be dragged to two important parameters that is past and present of the internet. We should not forget that the future is a clear track of past records. It can be clearly defined that the future is completely depend upon us, in which direction we want to take this. In our country it is heavily used and demanded field. But we cannot deny that the misuses of internet are very high. Cyber crime now is a serious issue for our society. Internet simply makes our life simple easy and updating. The main and highest source of worldwide information is internet. But uses differ from brain to brain who uses it. A crime brain uses this as a source of easy things done through other by securing themselves. A clean and strong present reflects a clear and better future. So the future of the internet relies upon the present activities. The internet is used for the growth and development of the societies. There is no doubt that everyone need internet. It is the single medium which connects the people globally where there is no limit of uses. Firstly we have to give the knowledge of uses of internet to rural area people because a developed country needs developed citizen. Cyber crime has to be reduced because technology is made for a better life not for lost of life. Some steps taken in today will be the ladder for a better tomorrow. In modern India internet is used in every sector that is from defence to Government, education, health almost in every field. So it clearly shows a bright future of internet in tomorrow. The beautiful and useful part of internet is now so many students can be educated with the help of E-education. It also create different fields like E-commerce, E-consultancy, E-service, E-shopping etc. In current scenario our PM Mr. Modi uses 34mbps (megabytes per second) while an average internet connection in India is 2mbps. The recent state of internet quarterly report by internet content delivery network "Akamai" has shown that India ranks 115 in the World while South Korea has the maximum speed with 24.6mbps then Hong Kong and Switzerland that is 15.7mbps and 14.9mbps respectively. The average peak connection speed in India is 14mbps when only 1.2% users enjoy internet speed of more than 10mbps. It shows that the present of internet in India with comparing to other countries is not in a sound position but still in a growing manner. It can be clearly defined that the future is brighter through the ambition of "Digital India" project of Rs 1 lakh crore to ensure high speed internet access to all villages in India which is expected to be completed by 2019. To get a market of 50 million people participating Radio took 38 years, TV took 13 years while internet made the mark in just 4 years.

So, the future of the internet is completely depends upon the users how they use it, how to spread the knowledge of it and how to take the benefit of technology. These things are demanding a good and positive change within the mindset as well the society, because "if you want to change the world you have to change yourself".

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