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Internet as the name suggests is nothing but a network that interlinks several entities around the globe. Although today with mega-search engines the term several has included details as huge as universe and as tiny as nuclear particles. Today it is an inevitable fact that a huge fraction of population around the globe is inexhaustibly depended on internet for their daily activities. Today there is no field left that do not use internet as a tool whether it is Education, Business, Science and development, Governance and what not. It is also very much understandable that there has also been a dramatic rise in popularity of this entity because of social networking sites. To this uncontrollable outbreak of internet there has been a cause of concern among certain groups regarding what will be the future of internet. Many favouring that the tool is impeccable and unavoidable as it is boon to the mankind while other noting its ill-effects are afraid if it leads to destruction. Well I personally feel it is a coin which has two faces and ignoring any one will be unjustifiable.

In order to advocate for the pros of internet I would like to put forward following assertions. In the first place, it is obvious that internet has brought the globe size to mere a click, with its click and go scheme. There are thousands of people around the globe that are connected because of social networking sites and as the number is rising it has touched the peak of million at certain sites to this it is understandable that this has made people travel around the globe comfortably without being untouched with their near and dear ones and thus helped in boosting the concept of Globalisation and the so called one world concept. Secondly, the electronic media has hiked and a new style of taking news has started, that is people not only read or watch news via internet but also portray their views regarding the same and this is not the limit certain news also become a troll and gets hyped and this is all because of internet. Moreover, it has become an essential part of education and research methodology. Students from primary grades are asked to surf and search various stuffs on internet and they are even made to learn things in an excellent way with the help of internet, in other words it has driven interactive learning system to a high pace. Also, when it comes to higher education including those related to research as in doctorate, it has not only been a time and labour efficient but also has been proved to be a source of authenticity and judging the originality of work. Moreover, it has helped individuals to come up with their talents and also helps in enhancing skills related to it. These skills include from a specific field such as Music, Dance and Art to personality development skills, generating professionalism and inculcating personality trends. Nevertheless, it also contains options like those of Games, Astrology, Cookery, etc which have become popular among all class of people as per their taste and as medium of time pass and entertainment. Its countless features does not end here, it has also been a media for applications such as navigation, translation and mapping. It is this internet that has in addition to android and MAC operating systems has given a boost to latest mobile technologies and thus giving milestones and yet another milestones to the technological sector.

Despite, having endless advantages it would be incorrect to overlook the negativities of this king of technology. To commence with, we have these days a very popular term called as Cyber Crime. Though it has a very vast sense but to quote a few; very common is hacking. The hacking includes interfering in someone's personal account without permission to tracking the details of high security banking and other intelligence system. Secondly, it has been found that it is this internet that has helped terrorism to rise along with several other anti social activities. Moreover, it has led to increase in unethical activity known as pornology; this has not only misled the life of many. It has increased number of several other vulgar, abusive and gory sites that are unsuitable to almost a great section of society. One even cannot deny the fact that a huge section of users have become hard core addictors of internet and thus having many health related problems which can be as deadly as neurological disorders.

In order to overcome these unwanted and undesirable activities and to have control over several sites that bring disgrace to the internet, several government bodies and various agencies around the globe have come up with various sets of rules and regulations that is altogether termed as Cyber Laws, although every nation has different terms and conditions but anyhow the root concern is same and that is to protect the world from viruses of internet. In India, these laws are framed under Information technology Act, 2000.

The statistical reports clearly depicts that percentage of internet users has remarkably increased from 5% in 2000 to 40% in 2014 worldwide. It also mentions that currently approx 2.8 billion people are active users of internet in almost 7.1 billion population which was merely 360millions by 2000, this continuous growth clearly illustrates that the rise in internet is unavoidable fact.

In conclusion, it is notable with its limitless benefits, applications and uncontrollable upliftment in technological sector internet is becoming a strong foundation for future. It has brought up several opportunities and provides prolific information. Nevertheless, it has also become a source of employment to many and I thus firmly believe that in near future it will be one of the wisest and most widely used tool. The only thing is that concerned authorities will have to keep a sharp eye on its proper usage and will have to affirm laws regarding its incorrect usage.

Samidha Banka

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