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"Mr. Watson.. Come here. I want to see you." and with this message of Sir. Alexander Graham Bell, being delivered down, all the way through the transmission line, dawned a new era in the field of data analysis and basic communication more than a century ago. Thus the invention of telephone by Sir. Bell, ploughed the field which led to the core invention in wireless communication 'antenna' by Prof.Henreich Hertz. With continual efforts and dedicated experimentation today man is capable of transmitting terabyte worth data bits across two continents in a matter of just seconds.

Transmission of data is possible in two modes of communication namely wired and wireless. Internet is the only medium which is convenient and economic in both modes. With the invention of computers came huge responsibility. Initially these electronic devices were used solely for computational and data-storage processes. But the scenario was a stagnant cycle. Masses felt the need to exchange, share, learn, and basically communicate with one another. Hence this necessarily led to structured LANS (Local Area Network). With its growth led to intellectual and smart-concepts called virtual LANS. Thus software installations came into existence and with it, the kinetic wheel was all set to dominate the growth of technology. With the domain-name being registered first time ever, a breakthrough named World Wide Web promised mankind with unlimited access to technology. It bookmarked a new chapter in computer history. This step drew attention not only of the collared masses with ID cards, but also of those who simply wanted to enjoy the privileges the unseen source offered. A device which was considered as an engineer's-property was now simply an everyday affair for a common-man.

Internet has come a long way with its gigantic uses. A generic domain, once used only for downloading data and for educational purposes, is now being used in commercial sectors. Internet-banking, e-commerce, on-line purchasing, cash credits, and n-number of extempore everyday issues are timely met and solved. This calls for a simplified version of life's complexity.

With Microsoft dominating every text written with internet ink, to Mark Zuckerberg's social-networking project 'facebook' from a dorm room. Creativeness is the new tech-talk. Google creates a new job every ten minutes!

Yahoo and Gmail, two technology giants competing against each other. Software companies like Mozilla, Apple and Samsung giving a tough time by taking on these giants head on. All this and more are rapidly on the fastest growth ever, simply because people are accepting and adapting to change.

Today there are approximately six billion people on our planet. Three billion people depending on internet in one way or the other every minute. If internet is not being used for commercial purposes, they are constantly accessed like a set of dominos for building up a social status. Today where social structure is primary, networking is "THE" thing. People readily use the platform where apps like twitter, blogs, whatsapp, viber ecetra are readily available on the internet. This is the same world that once depended on telegraph using moarse code.

Long gone are days where stocking files was a need. Internet has miles to go before it stops. Today wireless modes depend on routers. Days will come when wireless will be the-mode for data transmission across countries. Telepathy may be the next level of channel era. Gigabyte data downloading in nano, pico seconds capacity. Bandwidth reduced to an extent where transmission is at its lowest cost ever. India being another potential contender in central technology. Cops patrolling localities with information being accessed using Google-glasses. May be, it's not wrong to say , that one day you and me will carry internet in the palm of our hands as rings or bands or merely just in digital watches. Use and throw ipaper cell talk may be a reality after all.

In a nutshell, Coding revolutionized the way a person would look at the internet forever. May be soon there will be one ginormous super-computer with unlimited data. An internet-network that could be accessed

by every element on earth. That day the very 'web', which was once a distant dream, will be a 'reality'. And, man will truly quote "Internet is- my way of life".


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