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Internet is a web connecting our wide world and shrinks it small enough to fit into our palms. Computer literacy and internet usage is no more the reserved privilege of highly educated professionals. Every field associated with daily routine of common man is influenced by internet coverage. Agriculture, medicine, governance, trade, banking etc. have become inseparable from internet. The future of internet will be of great importance to every individual and nation.

Online trade and shopping
Online shopping web sites have gained great popularity in recent times. It's a wonderful platform which brings multiple brands, dealers and customers under single platform. Hosting websites makes huge profit by charging from the dealer and the customer. Customers are getting addicted to the convenience and offers available in online shopping. We used to roam around the market for an entire day to select a new electronic item or furniture for our home. These shopping habits are soon to become extinct in near future. Almost every commodity of day today usage is available in online stores. New generation is finding it a far better option over the busy schedules and heavy traffic jams. In India, access to online shopping resides with a high class minority as of today. But while thinking about the future of internet, online trading is an unavoidable reality. Recently certain rows were created over the single day discount sale organized by online shopping site Flipkart. The company claimed 100 million dollar sale in 10 hours and one billion hits on their website. At the same time, customers had to face a horrible shopping experience due to crashing of website, unavailability of the product and the big rush. Complaints from the customer side forced our government to look into the transparency of online trade and plan to form some regulatory rules to control the monopoly of these websites.

Social networking and employment
Social networking is the talk of the hour. Every individual is trying their best to make an identity in the world of social networking, through sites like Facebook and Twitter. Social networking which started as a trend among students soon made it way out of the community and it spread like a virus among the masses. Rather than a medium of entertainment, social networks have provided business and connectivity among individuals of all ages and groups. Most of our political leaders use internet as a medium to connect to the people. Creative discussions and forums play a vital role in the formulation of our new governance system. Our Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi has invited ideas and suggestions for a new planning commission from people via internet. Major IT giants in market are integrating their business with social networks to find business and recruit talented employees to the firm. As we explore the wide possibilities, provided by social networking and internet, it's also a huge responsibility to employ enough laws and regulations to ensure the privacy of individual and protect the integrity of data provided via internet.

Banking sector covers all domains of business and trade. In past, manual processing of data had resulted in long queues in our banks. Without internet and core banking techniques, our current banking system would not have survived the speed and accuracy demands of current day. New methods of banking like internet banking have provided great comfort and convenience in terms of payment and money transfer. Coming days will see cashless payment schemes replacing all cash systems with the help of internet.

Education, research and healthcare
Education is an important field influenced by internet. Vast information sharing platforms like Google helped our students to explore the world of knowledge in a quick and easier manner. Distance education programs have become more meaningful with the help of online study materials and video tutorials, which provides a real classroom learning experience to our students. Future of internet will mark a new era of educational system with e- learning techniques and mechanisms. The remarkable achievements of our nation in fields of medicine and science have to dedicate its success to the World Wide Web. We will be preparing ourselves for the magical inventions of future with the help of internet. Internet will help our medical experts to interact with doctors from different parts of the world to bring new changes in our medicinal field.

Future of internet will be interconnected with every aspects of human life. Connectivity, convenience, comfort and communication will achieve new levels of success with the help of network connectivity. On the other hand, we should also be prepared for an era of vulnerabilities, information insecurities and computer viruses. Sensible use of technology by individuals and timely monitoring and regulation of the network usage by governing authorities can provide a bright future for internet.

Bindhu Baby

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