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Public servants are indispensable to the administrative machinery of government. A public servant is not merely a creature of parliamentary form of government but is the back bone of the working system. In other words, public servant, as the term denotes, is a servant of public who works under the government fabricated by majority party although he is free from politics and associated with common man.

In the language of political science, public servants constitute a body known as permanent executive. Permanent executive is basically accountable to government for execution of the task assigned to them. Permanent executive is the lowest unit of Indian bureaucracy that acts as a nexus between the government and rank and file (common man).

The policies formulated by the ministers of the government are carried out by this group of officials. Thus, to observe the proper implementation of policy and the compliance of the rules prescribed for its execution are two biggest responsibilities of a public servant. As a consequence, it becomes binding on the part of a public servant to maintain the transparency and neutrality while discharging his duties. A conscientious public servant is a manifestation of a responsible government. A responsible government cannot emanate productive results unless its bureaucracy acts responsibly.

If any fault occurs on the part of public servants, the whole machinery collapses. It also disrupts the prospects of the current majority party to triumph over the future election results. Undoubtedly, the whole administration counts on the activeness and reliability of public servants. If a public servant practices corruption, it is the common man who bears the brunt of his corrupt practices. A corrupt civil servant would rob the public of the advantages of government policies and opportunities necessary for the betterment of their social status and livelihood. A common man would become a prey to their corruption. If corruption prevails up to the lowest circuit, the development of rank and file will become impossible.

The underdeveloped and poverty-stricken citizens would lead to the downfall of the country as a whole. Since the group of citizens constitutes a country, the exploitation of masses definitely leads to the destruction of the country. The prosperity of any country is an indicator of the affluence of her citizens. As a result, the downfall of one will ultimately lead to the spontaneous destruction of the other. If a public servant focuses only on his benefits, his greed will deprive the common man of basic amenities. Such public servants could be detrimental to the development of the country as well as citizens. Their negligence and corruption could compel the citizens to lead a miserable life. If this happens, it will turn out to be dictatorship in disguise of democracy and public servants, as dictators.

The prevalence of corruption at any level could paralyze the credible structure of democracy. That is why, permanent executive is made accountable not only to government but also to the rank and file. Its sphere of responsibility is enlarged. The public servants are provided with rights and powers to enable them to work for the welfare of society. Morality and patriotism are two essential qualities that every public servant must be endowed with. He should be loyal to his motherland. He should always place the welfare of society about his personal axe to grinds. In this way, he is a guarantor of happiness and prosperity of the citizens.

Consequently, the presence of responsible and scrupulous public officials becomes a prerequisite for any ideal country. The responsible and honest bureaucracy is the essence of democracy.

Priyanka Singh

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