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Corruption is that evil which when intrudes, it cripples the fundamental sanctity and moral virtues of any system. It then manifests itself into various other forms like animosity and crime that finally cripple the society. When something is unarguably wrong…why a distinct justification be required that urges the need of Public Servants to abstain from this 'evil'? It is probably because of the significant role they play in the administration, growth and development of the country. A strong and efficient bureaucracy has the power to give impetus to the rate of development of a democracy like India whereas a corrupt and morally feeble one can jeopardise the entire system. It is because, "With great power comes great responsibility."

However there have been a raft of such issues on corruption that have involved the public servants of the country. That why do and how do the most virtuous and worthy souls of the country get involved in such practises is really a matter of concern. The screening and selection process in itself is a hard nut to crack. It is ensured that every candidate who qualifies the interview, is beaconed by the ideology of 'service before self'. But then utopia can at most be an asymptote to reality!

A little hair splitting would bring to light some probable reasons as to why corruption exists and how it affects the society. Firstly, this 'service' is for those who really like to serve. Although aptitude, vision and intelligence can be judged by exams, the real appetite to 'serve the public' is tangible only under practise. But men above all desire power and their hearts are easily corrupted! Lured by the perks and recognition that this job offers they get ignorant of the fact that it is rather a service. One can endure the work load, the overwhelming spectrum of expectations only when he really worship's what he practises. And hence in it can be seen that the imminent evil can be overpowered by having a strong moral background.

The Civil Servants should know that they are as much a part of the mainstream they were before. They should realise that the dereliction of duty on their part takes the toll on the common man and his aspirations. The public start to lose faith in the system once it gets corrupted. The civil servants are there to safeguard the moral and material interest of the public. While it is true that authority when vested on worthy shoulders creates order, the opposite creates chaos. Civil Servants hold the pedestal level in the hierarchy of any system and when they get corrupt, they openly allow this evil to flourish and spread its arms. The significance of civil service is augmented in democracy like India. In our country where no formal qualification is required to be a political leader, the civil servants are an indispensable part in the formulation and implementation of policies. The realisation of the gravity and the fundamental importance of this service is a must for each public servant. In the days when India strives hard to pace up its economic growth rate, when crime in its different forms has become so in use, when we prefer to practise what we ourselves despise, the need arises for the intellects in authority to come and take the reins for a change.

Corruption increases the gap between the rich and the poor. By being corrupt we can cherish only superficial freedom. We rather become a tyrant to our own people. Is this the kind of homage we wish to deliver to the freedom fighters who laid their lives so that we may live? One should realise that public services isn't a sinecure but an opportunity to worship humanity.

Vipul Kumar Pathak

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