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Human's unquenching thirst for money and an inglorious tread at the apex in society by any means has led him to swim across the river of corruption. "Service" that solely highlights to serve, though is offered but rendered by numerous factors like how much you are going to pay for it or what grant is in its return other than legal remuneration? Service to mankind in broad sense which refers to "work is worship" is now proves to be a vague. Persons holding a responsibility to serve commons have unwillingly made their behavior to be measured in terms of money and grants. Be it an ordinary peon or a high ranking officer, everyone has tasted the essence of corruption. A common man in a hope for his work to be done has made his mind realize about what would be the cost for his service before stepping the door of a public servant. Corruption does not commence only through economic values, but also is binded by violation of charter laws of citizens, demoralization of human rights, and a slap at the moral ethics.

India no doubt is a land of bureaucrats where utmost priority is given to public officials rather than private ones. A person holding such a job is given a different position in the society who ought to bring desirable changes among the people. But everything goes void as the nightmare becomes an integral part of the system. Starting from forward of an application to issue of a caste certificate, one has to go through much rough situations as if it is the board examination and the victim is himself a student. Before performing a surgical operation, a doctor asks for money which makes a common realize that the cost for his life is equal to the doctor's pocket volume. Itself the law seeks grant from victim before filing a case. What else can we expect from current system which keeps with it such evil agents and their menatic services. This has created a wide lapse between the richer and weaker sections of the society. One who enjoys such moments should at list think that it's superficial and temporary which won't last for a long. By doing so they are intentionally creating a sense of culpritness among others.

For instance, in 2003 Sri Satyendra Kumar Dubey ,former DGM of NHAI has refused to sanction some tenders that ought to serve pockets of his fellow mates rather to common people. For which he had to pay his if in return and result was encrypted in terms of his blood. Again in the year 2012, Sri Manantashanav, a senior police officer was send to psychiatric home as he was charged as a mental victim. So is this homage we are going to pay to our national leaders who went on teaching against this evil their whole life?

Corruption has enrolled in the entire system in such a way that any desire to bring renaissance has become impassable. Even if one is trying to bring remarkable changes, the other pulls his leg. In the mean while, the public servant holding the post may be corrupted but the post itself is not polluted. At least if he is not thinking about his reputation, he must owe some respect towards the post. He should not take it as a paid responsibility rather a service he is rendering towards other without any self alliance. In the prime time, where we are going on saying that our country's system is just walking, actually it's not. It is crawling under the pressure of such corrupted officials which is not even able to stand forth such myths. Where our moral ethics are laughed at, a person should think at least for a while about how far he deserves the position ,whether he is taking grant in return of his service or he got the post as a grant. For sure, this can never be a homage that we are going to pay our nation and it is not the place where our leaders wanted our nation to stand, unless their dream to bring India from 86th position of corrupted nations to down the stream will hold good.

Everything flows downhill, so everyone should keep an eye about current situation and find a glorified solution in this behalf. If you can't be a part of the solution, don't cumulate the problem.

Abhisekh Sahu

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