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According to Abraham Lincoln "Government is made of the people, by the people and for the people". But, that "for the people" part relies completely on hands of the people who live connected with the Government (or in other words a "public servant"). People are the clients of the Government, which provides its services to the people through the public servants. Hence, public servants act as the suppliers of those services to their people.

People rely completely blindfolded on the Public servants and it is the responsibility of a public servant to be faithful to his people. Moreover, the Government has its entire trust on the public servants to carry out its Obligations. So, it is obvious that the public servants are highly vulnerable to avarice and greed than any other normal worker. It is the nature of humans to exploit something, once they feel that they have the power and authority over that thing. And this is how corruptions are born in a stable Government. However, it must be in one's conscience to be proud of serving fellow citizens. And this thought is more than enough to earn them a noble rank among the citizens. Nowadays, the advent of social networking brings every citizen's view to the limelight. Hence, whoever the person is, all his doings, right or wrong, has to face the opinions of the citizens.

It is well known that "The soul of India lives in its villages" and moreover nowadays, the word 'village' is considered to be a synonym of 'uneducated'. This is the basic reason for the proliferation of thoughts like "who cares if you exploit a group of villages instead of a flourished metro". But that scenario has changed ever since the inception of media. Once a Media gets the air of corruption, they crave for the voices of the victimized villages and its citizens. Whenever corruption emerges, how small it is, the media can deepen the intensity of that incident, ultimately destroying the fame and career of that public servant. Hence, a public servant needs to think twice before exploiting his people. Moreover, Prime Minister Dr. Narendra Modi has proposed the e-governance initiative known as 'Digital India' that aims in wiring nearly all the villages in India with high speed internet. Hence, it is practically impossible for the public servants to involve in corruption, especially not with the media watching over all their activities.

Sometimes when citizens find corruptions unbearable, they may involve in protests and anti-corruption campaigns. People like Mr. Anna Hazare provide a constant remainder of the backlashes of corruption to the public servants through effective movements. Moreover, Government provides a decent pension amount, Job security (which is really hard to obtain in private sector industries) and considerable allowance to the public servants. But once it finds them disloyal, it wouldn't feel regretful over taking those back. Hence, though corruption may bring them a great deal of wealth, it might make them regret for the rest of their life.

These are the reasons why public servants can never remain corrupt with their fellow citizens. Hence, whether he fears his conscience or not, public servants must definitely be direful of their people.

P. Linga Siva

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