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Being a public servant has become one of the most sought after careers. It is lucrative and has attached to itself a good share of benefits. It is one of the most respectable jobs in the country, so there is no reason for not opting it. But one must realize that with the power that this position hands over there are huge responsibilities too, foremost of which is service to the country, to its citizens. People who manage to attain this venerable position are looked upon as figures who work for the country and their works define the country's progress. So how strong should the moral character of these revered public servants be? Public servants are humans too as they too can make mistakes, as the saying goes 'to err is human' but corruption is a mistake that must not happen at all, not even once.

There is no doubt in the fact that corruption is the root of all evils. Corruption in any form is immoral and unacceptable. A public servant as the words itself define means one who serves the public and this as we know is their highest priority. The rigorous method of selection bends us to believe that those selected here are people with the finest of intelligence, have a hard working spirit and are of high moral character. We know well enough that corruption has spread it vicious claws everywhere and people who cannot control their greed fall prey to it and public servants are one of the most vulnerable to it.

A public servant has a very huge responsibility in governing the country. It is through their decisions that the administration of the country runs and any mismanagement here can cause a huge setback in the progress of the country. Public servants as mentioned earlier work under the government for the service of the country. It is their duty to remain honest in their work and dedicated towards their service to the public. Therefore, corruption in administrative sector in general and by public servants in particular is the main reason behind why development by the governing sectors are never accomplished on time or they never happen at all.

Keeping these points in mind we get a clear picture of why the public servants should not be corrupt. As simple as it may sound a lot depends on the shoulders of these people, they are the ones who carry the burden of constructive development of the country. Almost every sector of development in the country depends on their decision and resolution. So it is but needed that they be as clean as a slate in their nature for being involved in any form of corruption will ultimately stain their character and indirectly affect the progress of the country.

Public servants from the very beginning must keep it in their mind that corruption is not something that they must never get involved with nor should they let it happen in their knowledge. Getting involved in corruption is betraying the country; it will slow down the advancement of the nation and ruin its stability.

A public servant maintains the peace; decorum and administration of the country, and a person with such huge responsibilities of the country are nothing less than the face of the country. They must be of highest moral character and always abstain from any sort or form of corruption. Public servants make the bridge that links the country to its bright future; if the source of progress is corrupt then whole system will disintegrate and will rot in no time. The bridge to form a powerful nation will never be attained if these people forget their duty toward their country for their personal gains.

Fatima Ashraf

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