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Mahatma Gandhi said that the service of the people is the service to the god. The service of people is a holy worship which can't be done if one has any tinge of evil in his heart. It is understandable to all why a public servant should not be corrupt or maligned but once again let's revisit the arguments why a public servant should not be corrupt.

First of all if a public servant is not corrupt he will work in an impartial way which will strengthen the work and make it just. If he were to adopt partial practices then the public will infuriate with uncertainty and the misuse of power, which will make the system of administration frictionful. But with acting honestly and impartially he will generate respect for rule of law and faith in public offices and institutions.

The public servant is the clear interface of state executive and the subject of the state that is the people of the country. So the interface will act as a vital step from where we can gauge the performance of the system. The more interface is clear and clean the more is the credibility of the system. So the public servants will become the role model for the overall functioning of state.

Public servants have a responsibility towards doing what their service demands and to maintain the integrity and accountability of the office they occupy. So if they were to be found in the corrupt practices then it will cause a heavy dent on the reputation and impression of that office of government which is a serious failure in the credibility of a democratic government and system.

They should take the lead and show to the society that 'work is worship'. They should act as a role model for the society. The honesty by which they should work should be seen and reflected from their work itself so that they can contribute in making their offices shine in public eye. The corruption of every kind should be heavily checked and countered properly. The more efficient and dedicated public services we will have the more our country will shine and proceed towards better Governance and prosperity.

Our public servants should make it a point not to get caught in any corrupt practice and regularly introspect and contemplate their attitudes and behaviors. They should at the same time also encourage their subordinates and colleagues to follow healthy and clean practices and not to follow or forge any corrupt or dirty trick.

The alert, aware and vigilant public servant is a valuable resource of the country which can help our country in managing with multitudes of problems we face. A mass level anti-corruption message should be send across the country to make sure that no person can dare to corrupt a public servant, and if caught doing so will be dealt harshly by the law and the courts. This will generate fear among wrongdoers and trust in people of country against corruption problem.

The public servant is a trustee of public power and should exercise his power to guard against unhealthy democratic practices and uphold just system of administration. He should carry on his duties with great responsibility and diligence. The public servant is also the upholder of many romantic virtues which an able administrator is supposed to have. So a role of public servant is vast and he must be aware about his role and even about his omissions to take suitable actions against them which would and could amount to corruption. So he must be very cautious about the acts he indulges in and the acts he must refrain from.

So we can say that upholder of public responsibility that is the public servant should first of all make himself aware about all the nuances and types of corruption that is possible. And then after identifying them should act against them and be wary about any improper or corrupt way. By implementing this process he'll make sure that what he is doing is right and just. That also will help in doing some constructive work and reviving the faith in public offices and government systems in the mindsets of common man which the public servants serve.

Sourabh Vyas

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