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A public servant is the one who is only dedicated for the public services .When a word 'service' comes it always belongs to development of society only. They are only meant for serving the people. People have lots of expectations from them. If they will not work well whole system will be corrupted and out of order. Any country can function well or run smoothly only when its public servant are totally dedicated towards their responsibilities and are always ready to serve the people.

They play a key role in shaping the society by well implementing the laws imposed by government of India in the areas. Corruption which is the major problem in our country and it is creating a hole in our country and weakening our country from financial, economic, social background. The money or other resources which is sent for the benefit of the society or benefit in the rural areas is taken by people for their own need. They use that money for their personal need or use them so that they can become affluent. Because of this illegal money taken by those people, our country is facing lots of problems. People of our country don't have food to eat , cloth to wear , house for shelter , unemployment is also in its peak , diseases, making our country weak .Country don't have money to spend on these areas .If money they spend, that money is acquired by corrupt service men, who are meant for implementing that resource. If resources are well utilize, our country can spend that resources in various sectors that need improvement such as education, health, women health and education, state development, industry sector, poverty ,etc.

If public servant will be corrupt how a better administration can take place. If administration will not good, how a common man will survive? It is responsibility of every Indian not to involve in the corruption because we live in a country where many people sacrificed their life for its freedom. India is secular state, and sometimes problems occur in various communities and are ready to fight then it is the responsibility of public servant to maintain peace and harmony and not to involve in any particular community and have neutral nature. If facilities provided by government is not implemented well or not within the reach of common man, it will cause a lot of problem and will also restrict our country from development. Public servants are the person who directly interact with the countrymen and serve them, but corruption which is spreading a lot in our country have caused lot of problems to the public. Many services including government services benefits a lot to the society such as banking sector, IAS, PCS, IFS, police service, railway services . These are the some services which are directly providing benefit to the public. If suppose banking personnel is corrupt and the services provided by centre to the public is not within the reach of common man, then common man will not survive, law and order can't be maintain and crime will spread a lot. And day to day problems will rise such as if the money spent for construction is not implemented well and some corrupt public servant used that money and the money which is just for making road is not implemented well, how a common man will go here and there and people face a lot of problem . Country development is possible when the public servant is always ready to serve the people, without considering their own personal benefit. If public servant will corrupt, then it will open ways for common man to corrupt. If he will be true man than people can consult him for their problem and have belief their problem will be solve definitely.

Public servant is the one by the help of whom people share their problems and they believe that "if they will have problem, there will be someone to take care of them and solve their problem". Therefore they are called public servant .A corrupt public servant always cause harm in the society.

Deepika Prajapati

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