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To Keep Ganga Clean the puja's should not be performed on the bank of the river, do you agree? - Discuss

River Ganga is the lifeline of Northern Indian plain. Ganga along with its tributaries and distributaries drains very states of UP, Bihar and West Bengal which are prominent in food grain production and apart from this Ganga also serves as a medium of drinkable water for a huge population. In this context Ganga becomes lifeline of Northern Indian plain. But for last few decades it has been polluted by different agents. This not only put to risk the very availability of drinkable water but also it affects the quality of irrigated water and ground water. Ganga is revered as the 'Ganga Maa' for a million of population so taking any decision with regard to religious sentiment; the process has to go through scrutiny from various points of views.

The statement whether Puja should be banned on the bank of Ganga to be reviewed form following point of views- dependency of people on Ganga and pollution caused by them to Ganga and importance of Ganga in lives of people and various traditions attached to it.

Ganga is one of the biggest rivers of India. It drains entire Northern Indian plain. A huge population depends upon its water for various purposes. For past few decades it has been subjected to different kind of pollutions. Various cities which are situated on its bank are adding tons of industrial waste daily in the flowing river. Apart from this different kind of other man-made wastes are being added to it. Different rituals are also adding to this pollution. According to a survey it is revealed that Ganga water is not drinkable at few places. On the part of government's efforts to reduce pollution, number of regulations have been put to place, but in lack of effective participation of general public in implementation of the regulations; legislation are not been effective.

In a country like India, Ganga is considered a holy river. It is an epitome of the faith of people in life in everything. They consider it so holy that it is revered as mother. The rituals which are performed on the banks are because of the belief that it will do good to them in afterlife. People have sentiments attached to it. Therefore it is in contrast that they are polluting their very holy river unknowingly that they respect so much. In such a scenario stopping people from performing Puja on its bank will not only hurt their sentiment but also reflect the failure of machinery in terms of understating the actual mindset of its people.

However the solution lies in the education of people changing of their mindset or at least upgrading it. This is really time for the up gradation of the Puja process in light of reduction of pollution of rivers and its widespread effects. Also inclusion of peoples form the religious order might help. Ganga is the lifeline and it will be unwisely to cut it.

Ganga is very important for India and its people. When people already worship it as their mother; the need of the hour is to have a stricter regulation and education of people. Stopping Puja at the banks of river is not a solution rather people should be involved in an endeavor to clean it.

People need to learn and taught that it is undignified to pollute their holy river. It is really a time for inclusion of some environmental friendly initiative in the Puja process because if we don't act now we might not be able to correct our course in future.

Rahul Bajpayi

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