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To Keep Ganga Clean the puja's should not be performed on the bank of the river, do you agree? - Discuss

During deifying I was asked to drink Gangaajal-Purest one. Well actually was it pure? More pure than aqua guard which saves me from diseases .But it actually seemed to me as if contributing lifetime to new illnesses inside me. In taking water knocked me as if really we are consuming it. Literally, it had been earnestly and appallingly drunk by us and we need to bring it back in earlier form. Ganga River has seen civilisations coming up and fading away. From Harappan culture period 1900-1300 BC to 2014 A.D., its flow has been centre of Indian empire. It initiates at the convergence of Alaknanda and Bhagirathi River at Devprayag. The Bhagirathi rises at the base of Gangotri glacier at Gaumukh at an altitude of 3,892m.

After flowing 250 kilometres through narrow Himalayan valleys, emerging from Rishikesh, then confines to Gangetic plain at Haridwar from where real scenarios begin. It suffers extreme pollution upsetting 400 million people living by its side. Mess from many cities, industrial waste and religious offerings wrapped in non-degradable plastics add huge amount of the pollutants to the river as it flows through vastly inhabited areas. Poor people count on river for their daily works of washing, cooking and bathing. People come to Varanasi to set 'mukti' to soul of dead ones. Doing unfortunate works lifetime and then there is Ganga to wash away all impurity. If you do all this immoral conducts, why Ganga should suffer? Releasing bodies and ashes is being followed from past. Those who cannot afford amount of wood needed to incinerate the entire body dispose a lot of half burned body. Appallingly even now holy men, pregnant women, people suffered of leprosy, bitten by snakes, committed suicide and children are made to float freely to decompose in the waters. According to facts water used for bathing should not have more than 500 faecal coliforms per 100 ml. But shockingly contains 60,000 bacteria per 100 ml.. It has been said that eighty per cent of all illness in India and one-third of deaths are gifted by water-borne diseases. The World Bank estimates that the health cost due to water pollution equals to 3 per cent of India's GDP.

It has many special features making it distinct and very significant in Hindu mythology. A special Bacteriophage is found in water of Ganga which kills bacteria of various diseases like cholera etc. It has been observed that Ganga has a special property to have oxygen level 25 times higher than other any other river. Also cleans up wastes 15 to 20 times faster when compared to other rivers. This high level oxygen bearing assets allows it to remain fresh over a prolonged period of time. We know aqua guard cleans water but we never pour muddy water to be cleaned and drink it. So for Ganga, Congruently, it does not tolerate mosquito to breed in its water. But its survival is extremely threatened by pollution and dam construction. Unlawful and illicit mining in the Ganga river bed for stones and sand used during construction has been generating big hail in Haridwar.

Time and again plans have been made but stranded Ganga is not getting out of soreness. From 1985-2000, Rs. 10 billion were expended on Ganga Action Plan, but was a major failure. It was delayed by two years, expenditure was almost doubled. Concerned agencies were not paying interest. Discharging of waste was not measured properly. Continuous happenings of washing dirty clothes, immersion of idols, cattle floundering and tossing away dead bodies did not halt. Yet again it was apparently seen in Dec. 2009, World Bank agreed to loan India US $1 billion to save Ganga. According to survey in 2010, the asset in preserving Ganga is about 70 billion. Then in July 2014, government passed Rs. 2037 crore budget for project named NAMAMI GANGA.

But all in haste when we Indians don't stop our credulous 'PUJA' making divine Ganga tainted. It does not drift to wash away our unscrupulous feats but to provide sustenance. It's high time to pitch away all superstitious conducts. To think rationally for Ganga, its survival and its protection should be our main motto. We want Ganga not in history but until life exists upon earth. Not in appendages of mythology but then again in strategies of establishing new plans near Ganga. It has been and will be whole and soul of India. 'SAVE GANGA WHICH HAS BEEN SAVING US FROM YEARS.'

Kumari Priya Rani

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