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To Keep Ganga Clean the puja's should not be performed on the bank of the river, do you agree? - Discuss

The mystique tale regarding the descent of Ganga from the heaven has been inculcated centuries ago and still lingering in most of Hindu people`s mind at up to a such extent that it has become the eternal truth and they all has taken it for granted. In the course of long period, it has been made an utmost niche not only in their religious life, but also the myth has possessed the most important position in their cultural activities and traditions. Today, it has become the very important source of their spiritual happiness and inner peace. To deprive them from their cultural belief means to coerce them to eke out without happiness and inner peace. Of course, the rejuvenation of Ganga is as critical prospectus as fulfilling our basic needs, in nowadays as it has been notoriously got the "severally polluted river" category and according to some research; the water of this river is not usable, even for bathing purpose. Hence, it had struck into mind of our former PM Rajiv Gandhi, who subsequently launched a GANGA ACTION PLAN (GAP) in 1986 in two phases. Even though, despite such sea amount of resource expenditure, this GAP could not achieve its expected results, but it nevertheless, inculcated the awareness and importance for Ganga rejuvenation into the Indian`s mind. Consequently, the every citizen of India has been so much conscious about purification of Ganga that he is eager to contribute at his best, perhaps, because of his religious belief and admiration for Ganga Maiya. But, they the poor people are so much ignorant that they unknowingly following the superstition for sake of admiration to "Ganga Maiya", are taking in the onus of its unhealthy demise which may come into in future. They only need to be got informed about this inevitable fact. Additionally, in my opinion, the fundamental reason for not to achieve its expectation by GAP is only the fact that it was the government`s unilateral approach and people has no participation even in iota share. Hence, it is more appropriate to include them into this monumental and momentous program rather than put regulation over them and bar from religious activities. After all, thanks to fundamental rights, it would be unconstitutional under the article 29 of constitution of India, which provides for the religious and cultural rights of the citizen as fundamental right. Furthermore, our constitutional and national leader always kept in their mind that cultural and religious belief would not have been curtailed or violated during any policy-making or decision-making process. Since, there are numerous causative factors responsible for Ganga`s water deterioration apart from the pilgrimage procession. Yet, religious procession contributes most. So, Government must focus on this issue seriously, of course, with "participatory and inclusive program" and systematic and multilateral approach with taking into consideration the religious and cultural obligation of citizens.

Regulative and restrictive measures often cause to trigger public mistrust about the government and might lead to communal prejudice. Participative measures take place longer than regulative measures, which would fade away after sometimes. Else, we will have to undertake the purification of Yamuna, where no so much religious formalities is carried out. Do you think? This regulative and restrictive dogma will work there; of course not, thereto we only need the "participatory programme". Moreover, the Ganga rejuvenation breakthrough will create the exemplary vision in mind of people inhabiting along the banks of Yamuna.

At conclusive excerpts, I only want to say that for "Nammo Ganga" project being come true only when our PM will adopt integrated, participatory and multilateral approach in systematically planned manner. The environment is the 5th priority sector of government `s "nation-building" mission, but to fulfill this dream, "character-building" is prerequisite.

Sumit Kumar Kawde

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